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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2820

141001. Seed powder used for parkinsonism which contains L-dopa?

141002. State drug licensing Authorities issue license for manufacture of Ayurveda Unani,Sidha drugs in?

141003. Indication of Hinguleswara rasa?

141004. The part which deals with S.U Drugs in Drugs and Cosmetic Act?

141005. Part used of Commiphora mukul?

141006. Ksharasutra is used for treating?

141007. Kasturi is obtained from?

141008. Vilva phala preferably selected should be?

141009. The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science (CCRAS)established in?

141010. Normal percentage of Lymphocytes in Hematological examination?

141011. Situation in which death of large population spread over small locality,aprt of world,a country as whole is included in Ayurveda under?

141012. Saviryata avadhi of gutika?

141013. Botanical name of Vatsanabhi?

141014. One karsha equals?

141015. Antidote of Jayapala?

141016. Which among following is not having 2 pala dose?

141017. Family of Sankupushpi?

141018. Drug of choice in Asrugdhara?

141019. Part used of Langali?

141020. Number of bones in upper limbs?

141021. Which preparation can be manufactured by pounding and mixing the ingredients?

141022. Anupana for diseases of Kapha and of the eye?

141023. Major ingredient of vaisvanara choornam?

141024. Heimlich maneuver is mainly used for?

141025. Rasas which causes vatakopana?

141026. Ocusert type of drug delivery is by?

141027. As per National Immunization Schedule for infants DPT is given in?

141028. Rakta BharaSamaka among the following?

141029. Part used of Woodfordia fruticosa?

141030. List of poisonous substance of S.U medicines placed in?

141031. Sodhana of Gairika?

141032. According to Sargadhara one karsha is the dose for?

141033. G.M.P means?

141034. How much part Lavanga present in Avipattikara churna?

141035. According to Charaka plant Parts can be collected in Saradrtu except

141036. Best Anupana?

141037. Symbol for Family planning health and Contraception Services in India?

141038. Purification procedure of vatsanabhi?

141039. Official code containing a selected list of established drugs and medicinal preparations with descriptions of their physical properties and tests for identity,purity,and potency?

141040. The ratio of Drug,Milk and water to prepare Ksheerapaka?

141041. Dose of swarasa kalpana?

141042. Phala vartis are used for ?

141043. Shelf life of choorna is?

141044. Which is next in the series given below :1,1,2,3,5……………….

141045. 5+4-12/3(7-5)=?

141046. 12 x 17 +17 x17-2x17x17=?

141047. The adjacent angles of a parallelogram is in the ratio 2:The value of smallest angle is…………

141048. (2/3)raise to 5 x (2/3)raise to -4=………………..

141049. Median of the numbers 8,5,13,6,15,26,20,31 is…………..

141050. The ratio between two numbers is Their sum is Then small number is

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