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165051. In the Minerva Mills batch of cases the Supreme Court has further reaffirmed its decision in:?

165052. The decision of the Supreme Court in the Golakh Nath Case was that:?

165053. Put in chronological order the following Amendments to the Constitution.:1. Addition of Ninth Schedule to the Constitution. 2. Abolition of privy purses and privileges of former princes. 3. Insertion of XI Schedule 4. Removal of Right to Property from Constitutional Rights.?

165054. Which of the following provisions can be amended by simple majority?

165055. If the procedure for the election of the President of India is sought to be modified, which of the following conditions are required:1. An Amendment of the Constitution passed by simple majority in Lok Sabha 2. A referendum 3. An Amendment of the Constitution passed by two-thirds majority in both Houses of Parliament. 4. Ratification of the legislatures of at least half the number of States.?

165056. As per the Anti-Defection Law, the final authority to decide on a member's disqualification from the House is:?

165057. When the name of the State is changed or a new State is created, the Constitution of India is required to be amended by Parliament by a:?

165058. An Amendment of the Bill relating to the manner and mode of election of the President:?

165059. Which of the following statements regarding 74th Amendment of the Constitution are correct:1. It provides for the insertion of a new schedule to the Constitution. 2. It restructures the working of the municipalities. 3. It provides for the reservation of seats for women and scheduled castes in the municipalities.?

165060. The Amendment procedure laid down in Indian Constitution is on the pattern of:?

165061. National Capital Territory of Delhi has been constituted by:?

165062. A merger will not invite action under the Anti-Defection Act if __ members of a political party decide to join another political party.?

165063. Which Amendment provided for an authoritative version of the Constitution in Hindi?

165064. Which of the following is true about C. Rajgopalachari?

165065. What is the document published by the government to apprise the public on any issue?

165066. The expression 'Creamy layer' used in the judgement of the Supreme Court relating to the case regarding reservations refers to:?

165067. Extradiction means:?

165068. Civil servants are not permitted to become:?

165069. Next to Hindi, language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian subcontinent is:?

165070. Which of the following statements regarding literacy in India are correct:1. A person who can only read but cannot write is not defined literate. 2. Children below 5 years of age are not taken into consideration even if they are able to read and write. 3. For the purpose of census, a person is deemed literate if he or she can read and write with understanding in any of the 22 languages mentioned in the Constitution. 4. The fact that a district has attained hundred percent literacy does not mean that the entire population in the district is literate.?

165071. Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the descending order of precedence in the warrant of precedence?

165072. The Ashok Mehta Committee laid greater emphasis on;?

165073. By which Amendment Act of the Constituttion of India were the Directive Principles of the State Policy given precedence over the Fundamental Rights wherever they come into conflict?

165074. Consider the following:1. Disputes with mobile cellular companies. 2. Motor accident cases, 3. Pension cases. For which of the above are Lok Adalats held?

165075. Under which one of the Ministries of the Government of India does the Food and Nutrition Board work?

165076. The Archaeological Survey of India is an attached office of the Department/Ministry of:?

165077. In which one of the following Ministries, the census organisation has been functioning on a permanent footing since 1961?

165078. Under which one of the following Constitution Amendment Acts, four languages were added to the languages under the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India, thereby raising their number to 22?

165079. Department of Border Management is a Department of which one of the following Union Ministries?

165080. For which one of the following reforms was a Commission set up under the Chairmanship of Veerappa Moily by the Government of India?

165081. Which was the Capital of Andhra State when it was made a separate State in the year 1953?

165082. Which one of the following Union Ministries is implementing the Biodiesel Mission (as Nodal Ministry)?

165083. Consider the following statements with reference to the linguistic reorganization of States in independent India:1. The separate State of Andhra for the Telugu people came into existence in 1953. 2. Jawaharlal Nehru was particularly in favour of the movement for linguistic reorganisation of States that came in the wake of the success of the Andhra movement. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

165084. The Constituent Assembly appointed the Linguistic Provinces Commission in the year 1948 to enquire into the desirability of linguistic provinces. Who among the following was the Head of that Commission?

165085. Consider the following statements:1. The Ministries/Departments of the Union Government are created by the Prime Minister. 2. The Cabinet Secretary is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Civil Services Board. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

165086. Department of Official Language (Raj Bhasha Vibhag) comes under which one of the following Ministries?

165087. In which one of the following years did the Right to Information Act come into force?

165088. Holding a 'Bandh' was declared illegal for the first time in India by which one of the following High Courts?

165089. Who among the following was the Finance Minister of India in the Interim Government during 1946-1947?

165090. The quarantine regulation for preventing entry of diseased plants into the country is done by which one of the following?

165091. The National River Conservation Directorate is under:?

165092. By Convention, who of the following is the Chairman of Press Council of India?

165093. Which of the following Constitution Amendment Acts seeks that the size of the Councils of Ministers at the Centre and in a State must not exceed 15 percent of the total number of members in the Lok Sabha and the total number of members of the Legislative Assembly of that State, respectively?

165094. Consider the following statements:1. In India, the legislation passed by the Parliament is subject to judicial review. 2. The Constitution of India lays down the mechanism for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

165095. Consider the following statements:1. There is no provision in the Constitution of India to encourage equal pay for equal work for both men and women. 2. The Constitution of India does not define backward classes. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

165096. Consider the following statements in respect of protection of copyright in India I. Copyright is a legal right given to creators of literacy, dramatic, musical and artistic works and produces of cinematograph films and sound recordings. II. Copyright protects only the expression and not the ideas. There is no copyright in an idea. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

165097. Which one among the following commissions was set up in pursuance of a definite provision under an Article of the Constitution of India?

165098. Consider the following statements:1. Free and compulsory education to the children of 6-14 years age group by the State was made a Fundamental Right by the 76th Amendment to the Constitution of India. 2. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan seeks to provide computer education even in rural areas. 3. Education was included in the Concurrent List by the 42nd Amendment, 1976 to the Constitution of India. Which of the statements given above are correct?

165099. Which of the following statements is/are not violative of the principle of federalism:1. The President of India takes over administration of provinces under the emergency. 2. The Parliament of India has exclusive power to make any law with respect to any matter not enumerated in the Concurrent list of State list. 3. The distribution of powers between the Union and provinces is done through three different lists enumerated in the Constitution of India.?

165100. Which one of the following can be provided under RTI Act, 2005?

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