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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 390

19501. In Indian constitution Directive principles of state policy are adapted from which constitution?

19502. A lubricant 100 times more viscous than water would have a viscosity (in Pa.s)

19503. P.K.Thungan Committee related which of the following?

19504. Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) of a pipe less than 12 inches in diameter indicates its

19505. Savarna Jatha organized under the leadership of

19506. I.D. of 1/4" schedule 40 pipe is 0.364". I.D. of a 1/2" schedule 40 pipe would be __________ inch

19507. Who wrote the drama ‘Pattabakki’?

19508. A pump operating under specific conditions delivers insufficient quantity of liquid. This may be set right by

19509. A parliamentary executive means

19510. Two liquids manometer is used for measuring small pressure differences in

19511. Female Oriented Poverty Reduction Scheme is

19512. A piezometer provided in the pipe measures

19513. ’Pakanarcharitham’a social drama written by

19514. The pump used for irrigation purposes is generally designed for

19515. The ‘12(th)’South Asian Games will be conducted the city of

19516. In centrifugal pumps, cavitation occurs, when pressure of the impeller eye or vane becomes

19517. Indian Press Act passed in which year?

19518. Pressure gradient in the pipe flow is influenced by the

19519. Shahmal led the revolt against British at

19520. __________ pump is the most suitable device for discharging a liquid against a pressure of ≥ 1500 kgf/cm2.

19521. Who was elected the first Indian Women President of the UN General Assembly?

19522. Boiler feed water pump is usually a __________ pump.

19523. The First Governor of Reserve Bank of India

19524. Viscosity of a liquid decreases __________ with rise in temperature.

19525. The Head Quarters of UNESCO

19526. In case of a pipe of constant cross-sectional area, the maximum fluid velocity obtainable is

19527. The first Head of the National Commission for women was

19528. Discharge in laminar flow through a pipe varies

19529. Who was founded the Akhila Thiruvithamcore Navika Thozhilali Sangam?

19530. The lift of a ballon is

19531. East India Association was established by

19532. In which of the following body shapes, the pressure drag is large compared to the friction drag ?

19533. The first President of All India Muslim League was

19534. Major loss in sudden contraction in pipe flow is due to

19535. The largest District in Kerala

19536. Which of the following can be used to create a flow of gas, where no significant compression is required ?

19537. Mycene is a

19538. The ratio of actual discharge to theoretical discharge through an orifice is equal to

19539. Geometrical isomer of geraniol is

19540. A free jet of water of cross-sectional area 0.01m2 and a velocity of 20 m/s strikes a plate and then flows in a plane parallel to the plate as shown in the figure below. The horizontal component of the force on the support is

19541. Gutta-Percha is

19542. Cp/Cv is termed as

19543. Which one of these is a quinoline alkaloid?

19544. Which of the following is a Newtonian fluid?

19545. Mercerised cotton is

19546. Which of the following valves will incur maximum pressure drop for the same discharge of water ?

19547. Oil of winter green

19548. Pressure drop in a fluidised bed reactor is __________ that in a similar packed bed reactor.

19549. The temperature at which second virial coefficient of a gas is zero is

19550. In deriving Bernoulli's equation, fluid is assumed to be

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