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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 594

29701. Drugs having pKa value greater than 0:

29702. A material which obeys Hook's law, is subjected to direct stress σ0. At its elastic limit, the following statement is true,

29703. In the truss shown in the given figure, the force in member BC is

29704. A concentrated load P is supported by the free end of a quadrantal ring AB whose end B is fixed. The ratio of the vertical to horizontal deflections of the end A, is

29705. Stress may be defined as

29706. Which is the strongest oxidizing agent?

29707. Stress may be expressed in Newtons

29708. Principal planes are subjected to

29709. In plastic analysis, the shape factor for a circular section, is

29710. ‘Utopia’ is the famous book written by?

29711. Youtube service of streaming videos online is provided by?

29712. A load of 1960 N is raised at the end of a steel wire. The minimum diameter of the wire so that stress in the wire does not exceed 100 N/mm2 is :

29713. The force in BF of the truss shown in given figure, is

29714. Who introduced ‘Balance of Power’ in European Politics?

29715. Kindly allow me to say ......... words.?

29716. In plastic analysis, the shape factor for rectangular section, is

29717. Rewrite as directed: I shall always remember you.(Change into negative without changing its meaning)?

29718. Colchicine is used to treat”

29719. A material may fail if

29720. A truss containing j joints and m members, will be a simple truss if

29721. The spread of the Harappa civilization is coterminous with the?

29722. Who was known as ‘Pioneer Englishman’?

29723. Who is the head of the revenue administration of a district?

29724. A rolled steel joist is simply supported at its ends and carries a uniformly distributed load which causes a maximum deflection of 10 mm and slope at the ends of 0.002 radian. The length of the joist will be,

29725. A steel rod 1 metre long having square cross section is pulled under a tensile load of 8 tonnes. The extension in the rod was 1 mm only. If Esteel = 2 x 106 kg/cm2, the side of the rod, is

29726. The most common disease among poultry in India is?

29727. A material is said to be perfectly elastic if

29728. For calculating the allowable stress of long columns. The empirical formula , is known as

29729. Beams composed of more than one material, rigidly connected together so as to behave as one piece, are known as

29730. Marmelosin a,b & c are the chief constituents in:

29731. The acid present in lemons and oranges?

29732. For the philosophy underlying our constitution, the historic ‘objectives resolution’ was moved in the constitutional assembly by?

29733. The tangential component of stress on an plane inclined θ° to the direction of the force, may be obtained by multiplying the normal stress by

29734. The force in AD of the truss shown in given figure, is

29735. There are two hinged semicircular arches A, B and C of radii 5 m, 7.5 m and 10 m respectively and each carries a concentrated load W at their crowns. The horizontal thrust at their supports will be in the ratio of

29736. A spring of mean radius 40 mm contains 8 action coils of steel (N = 80000 N/mm2), 4 mm in diameter. The clearance between the coils being 1 mm when unloaded, the minimum compressive load to remove the clearance, is

29737. David Ferrer is a famous player associated with the game of .........?

29738. The use of Kharoshti in Ancient India Architecture is the result of India’s contact with?

29739. If Q is load factor, S is shape factor and F is factor of safety in elastic design, the following:

29740. In plastic analysis, the shape factor for a triangular section, is

29741. Water soluble fraction of starch is:

29742. S-Glycosidic linkage is found in:

29743. If ΣH and ΣV are the algebraic sums of the forces resolved horizontally and vertically respectively, and ΣM is the algebraic sum of the moments of forces about any point, for the equilibrium of the body acted upon

29744. For determining the support reactions at A and B of a three hinged arch, points B and C are joined and produced to intersect the load line at D and a line parallel to the load line through A at D'. Distances AD, DD' and AD' when measured were 4 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm respectively. The angle between the reactions at A and B is

29745. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following : The torsional resistance of a shaft is directly proportional to

29746. By applying the static equations i.e. ΣH = 0, ΣV = 0 and ΣM = 0, to a determinate structure, we may determine

29747. The general expression for the B.M. of a beam of length l is the beam carries

29748. The ratio of the length and diameter of a simply supported uniform circular beam which experiences maximum bending stress equal to tensile stress due to same load at its mid span, is

29749. If a solid shaft (diameter 20 cm, length 400 cm, N = 0.8 x 105 N/mm2) when subjected to a twisting moment, produces maximum shear stress of 50 N/mm2, the angle of twist in radians, is

29750. The girl was shivering ......... cold?

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