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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 593

29651. The properties of autogenous curve for automobiles are given by

29652. If + 0.8% grade meets - 0.7% grade and the rate of change of grade for 30 m distance is 0.05, the length of the vertical curve will be

29653. The included angles of a theodolite traverse, are generally measured

29654. Location of contour gradient for a high way is best set out from

29655. If h1 and h2 are the differences in level between ground and the formation levels, m is the slope of the sloping sides. D is the distance between the cross sections then, prismoidal correction for a level section is

29656. In a telescope the object glass of focal length 14 cm, is located at 20 cm from the diaphragm. The focussing lens is midway between them when a staff 16.50 m away is focussed. The focal length of the focussing lens, is

29657. The line normal to the plumb line is known as

29658. The angle of intersection of a curve is the angle between

29659. Planimeter is used for measuring

29660. In a perfect prismatic compass

29661. The defect of a lens whereby rays of white light proceeding from a point get dispersed into their components and conveyed to various foci, forming a blurred and coloured image is known as

29662. The staff reading at a distance of 80 m from a level with the bubble at its centre is 1.31 m. When the bubble is moved by 5 divisions out of the centre, the reading is 1.39 m. The angular value of the one division of the bubble, is

29663. If i is the stadia distance, f is the focal length and d is the distance between the objective and vertical axis of the techeometer, the multiplying constant, is

29664. The back staff reading on a B.M. of R.L. 500.000 m is 2.685 m. If foresight reading on a point is 1.345 m, the reduced level of the point, is

29665. It is more difficult to obtain good results while measuringhorizontal distance by stepping

29666. The additional lines which are measured to show the correctness of the chain surveying are called:

29667. If deflection angles are measured in a closed traverse, the difference between the sum of the right-hand and that of the left hand angles should be equal to

29668. Locating the position of a plane table station with reference to three known points, is known as

29669. If D is the degree of the curve of radius R, the exact length of its specified chord, is

29670. Correction per chain length of 100 links along a slope of α° is

29671. If the chain line which runs along N-S direction is horizontal and the ground in E-W direction is sloping

29672. Lyophilisation is the other term of:

29673. If Δ is the angle of deflection of a simple curve of radius R, the length of its long chord, is

29674. In geodetic surveys higher accuracy is achieved, if

29675. Determining the difference in elevation between two points on the surface of the earth, is known as

29676. Contours of different elevations may cross each other only in the case of

29677. Permanent adjustments of a level are

29678. The radius of a simple circular curve is 300 m and length of its specified chord is 30 m. The degree of the curve is

29679. During levelling if back sight is more than foresight

29680. Two contour lines, having the same elevation

29681. The Trapezoidal rule of volumes V of an embankment divided into a number of sections equidistant D, is given by

29682. The surface of zero elevation around the earth, which is slightly irregular and curved, is known as

29683. The lens equation is applicable

29684. The representation of general topography of a very flat terrain is possible only

29685. Please ask ..........?

29686. A transit is oriented by setting its vernier A to read the back azimuth of the preceding line. A back sight on the preceding transit station taken and transit is rotated about its vertical axis. The vernier A reads

29687. Correction per chain length of 100 links along a slope of α radians, is

29688. While working on a plane table, the correct rule is :

29689. BCG vaccine is the living cells of strain of:

29690. In case of a double line river, contours are

29691. In case of a direct vernier scale

29692. Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of

29693. If h is the difference in level between end points separated by l, then the slope correction is . The second term may be neglected if the value of h in a 20 m distance is less than

29694. An ideal vertical curve to join two gradients, is

29695. Mean Residence Time(MRT)represents which percentage of intravenous bolus dose to be eliminated?

29696. The intercept of a staff

29697. Toxoids are bacterial:

29698. The enzyme which is known as spreading factor?

29699. The mechanism of absorption of sabin polio vaccine:

29700. Rideal walker coefficient test uses astrain of:

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