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32201. Asbestos pipes are joined by means of

32202. Abyssinian tube well is a special type of

32203. Chlorination of water does not remove

32204. The efficiency of a pumping set, is generally assumed

32205. To remove very fine suspended particles from water, the method adopted is

32206. Velocity of flow of water in plain sedimentation water tank, is normally kept

32207. The most important and widely used tube well in India, is

32208. 82. A man starts from A, walks 10 metres along north, turns right and walks 18 metres, turns left and walks 12 metres. again turns left and walks 18 metres. If his final position is at B, the distance between A and B is.

32209. The maximum permissible chloride content in treated water of public water supplies should not exceed

32210. To pump water from a water reservoir 3 m deep and maximum water level at 135 m, a pump is installed to lift water up to R.L. 175 m at a constant rate of 36, 00, 000 litres per hour. If the length of the pipe is 1506 m and f = 0.01, ignoring other minor losses and assuming the economical diameter from Lea's formula D = 1.2 Q , the water horse power of the pump is

32211. Disappearance of pink colour of water of a well due of KMnO4 indicates that water contains

32212. Shales are

32213. Water is distributed to consumers by gravitational system, in

32214. Grade aqueducts are not allowed to run

32215. The type of joint generally used in cast iron pipes, is

32216. Growth of population can be conveniently represented by

32217. In a well planned city, the layout of distribution pipes generally adopted, is

32218. Air valves are generally provided in pressure pipes of water supply

32219. 83. In a certain code 35698 is written as 44789. How is 34672 written in that code?

32220. Bacterias which can survive with or without free oxygen, are known

32221. The maximum permissible colour for domestic supplies based on cobalt scale, is

32222. The dilution ratio at which the odour is hardly detectable is generally called threshold odour number and for public supplies it should not exceed

32223. The joint used for joining the plain ends of cast iron pipes, is

32224. The bacterias which may survive with or without free oxygen, are called

32225. Detention time for plain sedimentation tank usually ranges from

32226. The rate of silting in a reservoir

32227. Estimates of a water supply project depends upon the rate of water supply per capita consumption and probable population estimated at the end of the design period of

32228. In centrifugal pump installation,

32229. Pipes are laid parallel

32230. Maximum permissible colour for domestic water supplies, based on Cobalt scale, is

32231. 135 litres of water per person per day, is provided in

32232. For a network of distribution pipes of a proposed township shown in the below figure, the layout of distribution system, is

32233. If P is population of a city in thousands and Q is fire demand in litres per minute, for proper estimate of water, the Empirical formula is suggested by

32234. The gaseous form of chlorine gets converted into liquid form when subjected to a pressure of

32235. The pH value of water fit for drinking, is

32236. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The source of surface water is from

32237. For the prediction of future population of a city, the factor to be considered, is

32238. 84. Find the odd one out:

32239. 85. In a row of children, Raju is fifth from left and Manu is seventh from right. When they exchange their positions, Raju will be 14th from the left. What is Manu's position from the right?

32240. Water may not contain much impurities if its source is

32241. Raw water treated with only chlorine, is known as

32242. The level of underground water is called

32243. Per capita demand of water is calculated in litres

32244. P.V.C. pipes can withstand pressure bead of water upto

32245. The population of a city in 2000 is 50,000. The average increase in population over last 8 decades is 7500 and average incremental increase during 8 decades is 750. The population of the city based on incremental method, in the year 2020 will be

32246. Air inlet valve in water mains, is generally provided at

32247. The duration of contact of chlorine with water before it is served to the first consumer, should be at least

32248. The diameter of pipes in bath rooms and lavatories in domestic water supply, is

32249. 86. Arun is younger to Bhaskar and elder to George. Davood is younger to Bhaskar and elder to Arun. If Chandni is the eldest, who is the youngest?

32250. m and n are monsoon duration factor and catchment factor respectively. If P is yearly rainfall in cm, runoff can be calculated by

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