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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 643

32151. Normal values of overflow rate for sedimentation tanks using coagulants in litres/hr/m2 , generally range between

32152. In a rapid sand filter, air binding is caused due to excessive

32153. If average volume of sediment deposits is one-tenth million cubic metres per year in a reservoir of total capacity 10 million cubic metres, the dead storage will be filled up, in

32154. A circular gravity aqueduct is not generally preferred to because of

32155. Standard unit of turbidity of water is in one litre of distilled water, one milligram of finely divided

32156. Water losses in water supply, is assumed as

32157. The pH value of water is kept slightly less than 7 so that hydrochloride ions may combine with ammonia ions to form

32158. 'Shrouding' is essentially provided in

32159. The ensure proper growth of children's teeth, the quantity of flouride used in water mains, is

32160. Chemical coagulation of drinking water, is done

32161. . John ......... the newspaper yesterday use the appropriate verb form):

32162. Demand for public uses in a city, does not include water required for

32163. The chloride content of treated water for public supplies should not exceed

32164. An aquiclude is

32165. 78. Can you hill ......... this form, please!

32166. In an artesian acquifer, the draw downs in two observation wells at distances 100 m, and 200 m were found same after one hour and x hours respectively. The value of x, is

32167. Dissolved carbon dioxide, can be removed from the supply main by

32168. Slow sand filter is used if maximum turbidity of raw water is less than

32169. The external load per unit length of

32170. The total domestic consumption in a city water supply, is assumed

32171. Alum is a

32172. ‘Njanoru puthiya lokam kandu’is a book written by?

32173. In a reservoir the average volume of sediment deposition is 0.15 million cubic per year. If the dead storage and total capacity of the reservoir are 8 million cubic metres and 36 million cubic metres respectively,

32174. Silver revolution related to?

32175. The requirement of water per capita per day, is

32176. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In take of water supply should

32177. Reciprocating pumps

32178. The temporary hardness of water can be removed by

32179. Rapid gravity filters

32180. If n is porosity, y is specific yield and r is specific retention of any soil, the relationship which holds good, is

32181. The coefficient of permeability of soils, is generally expressed in

32182. 79. I often wake ........ in the middle of the night:

32183. Total flow in stream is known

32184. Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove

32185. The ratio of total capacity and dead storage is kept

32186. The U.C. (uniformity coefficient) for the best filter media sand should be

32187. 80. Raju has been my neighbour ..... 1997.

32188. Specific yield of a well is

32189. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tanks in litres/hr/m2, generally range between

32190. The formula for the head loss in conduits is generally known as

32191. Manholes are less common in

32192. 81. Pointing to a person, a man said to a woman 'His mother is the only daughter of your father'. How was the woman related to the person?

32193. While designing a water supply of an industrial township, industrial and commercial water demand of total supply, is assumed

32194. The storage capacity of a reservoir may be divided into three zones. The lowest zone is

32195. In a rapid gravity filter

32196. In distribution pipes, air valves are provided at

32197. The flow of water gets retarded, in

32198. Surcharge storage zone of a reservoir, is

32199. Surface water may

32200. For a city developed haphazardly, the layout of distribution pipes preferred to, is

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