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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 642

32101. The ratio of the maximum daily consumption to the average daily demand, is

32102. The ratio of discharge and plan area of a continuous flow type settling tank, is known

32103. . Identify the wrongly spelt word:

32104. The maximum pressure to which a pipe is subjected to during its operation, is known

32105. To control the growth of algae in reservoirs, the compound which is used, is

32106. Pick up the wrong nominal internal diameter of cast iron (spun) pipes in mm from the following :

32107. Hardness of water can be removed by boiling if it is due to

32108. A well is considered to be good if it is sunk into

32109. The nitrate concentration in domestic water supplies, is generally limited to

32110. Sluice valves in main water supplies

32111. Dead storage of a reservoir of Q capacity generally provided for silt deposition during its life time, is generally kept

32112. If the specific capacity of a well is 0.3183 x 10-3 per sec, the discharge from a well of 4 m diameter under a depression head of 4 m, is

32113. The factor to be considered for the source of city water supply, is

32114. . I wish I ....... in New York now

32115. Yield of a drainage basin is :

32116. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank using coagulants, is

32117. The formula Q = P - K[1.8T + 32] in which Q is runoff, P is annual rain fall in cm, T is mean annual temperature in centigrades and K is a constant, is known

32118. The formula for pipe flows, suggested by, Hazen-William is

32119. While selecting the location of an intake for collecting surface water, the factor considered, is

32120. Aqueducts are generally designed

32121. Gravity conduits

32122. Carbonates in water produce

32123. Hardness of water is caused by

32124. A slow sand filter is cleaned if its filter head is higher than

32125. A strainer type well sunk through three pervious layers intervened by three impervious aquicludes, draws water from

32126. The permissible amount of nitrites present in potable water, is

32127. Water having pH value as 6, is

32128. Alum is chemically

32129. If w is the weight of water per cubic metre, Q is the discharge in cubic metres per sec and H is the total head, the required water horse power of the pump, is

32130. Perched acquifers are generally found

32131. Pickup the incorrect statement from the following :

32132. Detention period of a settling tank is

32133. . They......... him king.

32134. The order of existence of three portions of water in a reservoir from the bottom to top is

32135. The approximate diameter of a water mains for supplying 7.2 mld with a velocity 1.2 m/sec, is

32136. The chlorine supply cylinders are generally kept at 38°C to 40°C to prevent

32137. The capability of a soil mass of full width and depth to transmit water, is known

32138. Well treated water is generally supplied for

32139. Non-pathogenic bacterias cause the following water borne disease,

32140. Steel pipe are

32141. The most ideal disinfectant used for drinking water throughout the world, is

32142. A centrifugal pump is required to be primed before starting if it is located

32143. The maximum pressure which the pipe can withstand without any leakage during hydrostatic pressure test, is called

32144. Filtration of water is done to remove

32145. Generally, first portion of a logistic curve for the population growth of a developing city, represents the growth of

32146. Ground water from artesian wells

32147. Property of earth to allow water to pass through it, is known as

32148. Derivation of Thiem's formula is based on the assumption

32149. . This pen isn't good, .......?

32150. Water is supplied from the source to the treatment plant under gravity in

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