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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 641

32051. The maximum permitted loss of head in a rapid sand filter, is

32052. Mud balls may be removed by

32053. For maximum alkalinity of water, pH value should be

32054. The fire demand for a city of 50, 000 population, according to Godrich formula, is

32055. The efficiency of sedimentation tank does not depend upon

32056. When the reduced level of the water source is higher than the reduced level of the consumer's place, water is generally supplied

32057. Most commonly used section in grade aqueducts, is

32058. Judaism and Christianity arose in?

32059. The lowest outlet sluice in a dam is provided

32060. The four major water supply distribution systems, are

32061. Most important source of water for public water supply, is from

32062. In pumping stations, the type of joint generally used, is

32063. The permissible pH value for public water supplies may range between

32064. The strainer type tube well, is unsuitable for

32065. . The antonym of diligent':

32066. Specific capacity or yield of wells, is generally expressed, as

32067. The depth of the water table at a place is 45 m below the general ground level. To lift water from a deep tube well in such a locality, the type of pump to be installed is

32068. Critical time for developing a water hammer, is the time required for

32069. According to Buston's formula, fire demand in litres per minute for a population of P thousands, is

32070. The ratio of maximum hourly consumption and average hourly consumption of the maximum day, is

32071. Cast iron pipes are generally preferred to, because

32072. The fire demand for ascertaining the empirical formula known as

32073. To detect the turbidity of the order of 0 to 1000 P.P.M. the instrument used is

32074. Standard process of chlorination of water, is done by

32075. If the chosen diameter of a pipe, is less than the economical diameter

32076. Water gets evaporated from water surfaces and land surfaces, get converted into water drops at lower temperatures, flows over ground surface and finally meets its source, i.e. lake, sea, etc. This entire process is generally known as

32077. He ......... to watch TV for so long.?

32078. High pH value of water does not produce

32079. Distribution of wash water is provided in

32080. The valves provided at low points of pipes to drain off water quickly under gravity, are called

32081. . The antonym of 'barren':

32082. The bacterias which require free oxygen for their survival, are called

32083. Maximum threshold number permitted for indicating the odour of public water supplies, is

32084. 45 litres of water per person per day, is provided in

32085. Turbidity of water may be caused due to

32086. . Pigeons:

32087. The maximum pressure to which cast iron pipes may be subjected to, is

32088. The type of pipe commonly used in water supply distribution schemes, is

32089. The valve shown in the below figure, is generally known as

32090. The population of a city in 2000 is 50, 000. The average per decade of the previous records of population is 5000 and average percentage per decade is 20%. The population of the city based on geometrical increase method, in the year 2020 will be

32091. . One who rides horses in races:

32092. Before constructing a dam, the factor to be considered for controlling sedimentation, is

32093. The process of passing water through beds of granular materials, is called

32094. If Q is discharge is cubicmetres per sec and D is the economical diameter of the pipe. According to Lea

32095. Water to the consumers may be supplied from

32096. If the average daily demand of a city of 50, 000 population, is 20 m.l.d., the maximum daily demand is

32097. Recuperation test is carried out to determine

32098. The discharge for the confined tube well is obtained from

32099. . Identify the correctly spelt word:

32100. Turbidity of water is expressed

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