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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 640

32001. The main process to purify water by filtration, is

32002. . Mary and Devi......... to school together:

32003. Surface water is obtained from

32004. Hardness of water is caused due to

32005. Flow through period, in sedimentation tanks, is

32006. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank, is

32007. Who was the first vice president of America?

32008. The force which develops in a pressure conduit supported on trestles, is

32009. After cleaning a slow sand filter, the filtered water is not used for

32010. A pressure conduit laid under ground, may not be subjected to

32011. The period of cleaning of a slow sand filter, is usually

32012. At the socket and spigot joint,

32013. Gravity conduits for carrying water from the source are

32014. Continuous flow of water can be expected from

32015. The maximum hourly consumption, is generally taken as

32016. A city supply includes

32017. During treatment of water, sedimentation is done

32018. E. Coli bacterias die in water having pH greater than

32019. Check valves are installed

32020. Fear of pain is?

32021. If intensity of rainfall in cm per hour is I, percentage coefficient of run-off is P, area of catchment in square kilometres is A, the total run-off Q, is given by

32022. Hard water contains

32023. The main disadvantage of hard water, is

32024. An area is declared drought affected if its mean rainfall is less than

32025. The best quality of filter material is obtained from quartzite if it does not loose weight when placed in hydro-chloric acid for 24 hours, more than

32026. If discharge of a pump is 0.16 cumecs, the economic diameter of pipe, is

32027. Hard water for public water supply is discarded because

32028. Pick up the correct statement from the following regarding radial flow centrifugal pumps :

32029. Quality of water is said to be good if it is

32030. . The word 'Pensive approximately means:

32031. The main draw-back of centrifugal pump, is

32032. The water level in an open well was depressed by pumping 2.5 m and recuperated 2.87 m in 3 hours and 50 minutes. The yield of the well per minute is

32033. Rapid gravity filter can only remove turbidity of water upto

32034. . A span of ten years:

32035. The best process of disinfection of public water supply, is by

32036. . The word 'insomnia' approximately means:

32037. A water channel supported above the ground over trestles, is generally called

32038. The central most space of tooth contains?

32039. One degree of hardness of water means a content of salts of

32040. Mostly used coagulant, is

32041. If G is the specific gravity of particles of diameter d, the velocity of settlement V in still water at T°C, according to Stoke's law, is

32042. The most commonly used chemical for dechlorination of water, is

32043. The prescribed hardness limit of potable water ranges between

32044. For centrifugal pumps

32045. The cast iron pipes for water supply system are used for

32046. For plain chlorination of water, the quantity of chlorine used, is

32047. For estimating the run off of catchments, the mean value of the constant 'K' in the Khosla's formula Qy = Py - K (1.8 Ty + 32) is

32048. Service connections to consumers houses, are generally provided with

32049. Sluice valves are fitted in a distribution system

32050. . The plural offdatum':

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