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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 645

32251. Most important method for calculating discharge for planning a water supply project, is

32252. Alkalinity in water may be caused due to

32253. Open channels supported over tres-les, are generally known as

32254. For least effect on the water table, the tube wells must be dug one in every

32255. In plain sedimentation tanks under normal conditions, impurities are removed upto

32256. 87. The average age of 34 students in a class is 14. If the teacher's age is included, the average becomes 15. What is the age of the teacher.

32257. Static body possesses?

32258. The valve fitted closely in a recess against an opening in a pipe, is generally

32259. For calculation of economical diameter D of a pipe in metres for a discharge Q to be pumped in cumecs, Lea suggested the empirical formula

32260. Who is known as ‘The poet of Nature’?

32261. An ideal sand for filters should be

32262. The maximum non-verticality of the bore of a well 200 m deep, may be permitted up to

32263. By adding 1 ml of orthotolidine solution to 100 ml chlorinated water taken after contact period, the residual chlorine makes the colour of solution

32264. From the surface of reservoir, evaporation may be minimised by sprinkling

32265. Gravity conduits are generally in the form of

32266. 88. 999:3 888:4

32267. Pressure relief valves are provided in water mains

32268. 89. An amount is divided between Sudheer and James in the ratio 4:7 if Sudheer got Rs. 2800, the total amount is:

32269. The percentage of chlorine in fresh bleaching powder is roughly

32270. Higher yield may be expected from

32271. The intake opening is generally covered by a screen to prevent entry of debris etc. and its level is kept

32272. In rapid sand filters the ratio of length and diameter of the lateral, should not be greater than

32273. The maximum permissible hardness for public supplies is

32274. Plain chlorination is used for water

32275. Underground water is obtained from

32276. Water may contain

32277. 90. if f(t)= at +3t+5 and S(2)-f(1) = 15.Then a is:

32278. For controlling algae, the most commonly used chemical, is

32279. According to Godrich the ratio of peak demand rate to mean demand is

32280. The head against which the motor works for lifting water, is

32281. Rapid sand filter

32282. 91. A man running at a speed of 15 km/hr, crosses a bridge in 3 minutes. What is the length of the bridge?

32283. Rapid gravity filters can remove bacterial impurities up to a maximum of

32284. Cast iron pipes

32285. Run off is the quantity of water which flows

32286. Efficiency of removing bacterias from raw water by a slow sand filter, is

32287. De-chlorination is followed by

32288. The bed slope in slow sand filters, is generally kept

32289. When gravity and pumping systems of water distribution are adopted, the type of distribution reservoir, is

32290. The average domestic consumption under normal conditions in an Indian city per day per person, is

32291. Capacity of soil to absorb moisture, is generally known as

32292. At break point of chlorination,

32293. The difference in the reservoir level and the lowest point of the water mains is 180 m. The expected pressure due to water hammer is 7.5 kg/cm2 in a pressure conduit of diameter 1 m. Assuming the efficiency of the riveted joints of the pipe as 0.6 and minimum cover 3 mm for corrosion, the thickness of the pipe materials, is

32294. The factor for the selection of pumping station site, is

32295. Low turbidity of water is detected by

32296. 92. The sum of two numbers is 18 and their product is 72. The smaller number is:

32297. 93. I 4a+1 = 3a then the value a+1 2 of a can be:

32298. Perched acquifers generally occur

32299. Silt storage is the same as

32300. For complete stabilisation of organic matter in polluted water, it takes

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