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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 809

40451. The British governor general in India during the great Rebellion:

40452. The Vaikom Sathyagraha was started on:

40453. The most important incident of Quit India Movement in Kerala was:

40454. The author of ‘Atmopadesa Satakam’:

40455. ’Hortus Malabaricus’was the contribution of:

40456. Which is known as ‘Magnacarta of Travancore’?

40457. The Abstention Movement was started in:

40458. ’Yokashema Sabha’was founded by:

40459. The leader of ‘Ezhava Memorial’:

40460. The lines connecting places of equal air pressure:

40461. Pedology is the scientific study of:

40462. The member of a state public commission can be removed by:

40463. The following article of the Indian constitution can be amended only with the ratification of states:

40464. Identify the officer with a right to speak in both houses of parliament.

40465. The minimum number of judges required for hearing a presidential reference under Article 143 is:

40466. The following is a subject included in concurrent list:

40467. The idea of unified personal laws is associated with:

40468. Pitchblend is an ore of?

40469. The term ‘Socialist’was added to the Indian constitution by:

40470. Who created history by winning his first-ever major race- the New Zealand Grand Prix 2017?

40471. This city is hosting the 11th International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition - Aero India 2017.

40472. Jiro Taniguchi, who passed away recently, was the legendary comic manga artist of which country?

40473. Who is the author of the book "Welcome to Nowhere"?

40474. Which city is hosting India's first-ever International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Tour event?

40475. Who was elected as the President of Germany recently?

40476. The first ever ITTF World Tour event in India is being held in

40477. Dravid Bowie, who passed away recently, was the well-known actor from which country?

40478. Which country to host conference on counter radicalisation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)?

40479. Name the Indian private company that has signed a Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA) for undertaking service, maintenance and repair of the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy.

40480. The National Human Rights Commission is organising a two-day seminar in Delhi to discuss which prevalent issue?

40481. Which Indian-American musician has won the best world Music Album awar for "Sing Me Home" at the 2017 Grammy Awards?

40482. The Supreme Court of India convicted VK Sasikala in a 19-year old disproportionate assets case. She is the ad-hoc general secretary of

40483. Which state government has observed "Parents' Worship Day" on February 14?

40484. What is the theme of 2017 BRICS Summit?

40485. In which state India's first-ever floating elementary school has started?

40486. Which late musician picked up Grammys for Best Rock song and Best Rock performance?

40487. Which warship has become the India's first warship to install solar panels on board?

40488. Which Indian-origin actor received best supporting actor award at the 70th British Academy Film Awards?

40489. India won the one-match Test series against Bangladesh 1-0. Who of the following was adjudged as the man-of-the-match of the tournament?

40490. Which NGO has bagged the IMC Ram Krishna Bajaj National Quota award in the NGO category?

40491. Name the Indian company that entered into a joint venture with European defence major MBDA to develop and produce new-generation tactical missiles.

40492. Which pop star took away the top awards at the 59th annual Grammy Awards?

40493. In the case of preventive detention the maximum period of detention without the recommendation of advisory board is:

40494. The following is not a power of the Indian President:

40495. Give a one word substitute for a person who leaves his own country to settle in another.

40496. Give the synonym of Benevolent:

40497. Find out the antonym for modest

40498. A wild goose chase means:

40499. Which of the following sentence is correct?

40500. Let them build a hospital here(Change the voice):

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