Indian-Economy-MCQ Related Question Answers

1. Mutual funds are regulated in India by which among the following?

2. On which among the following dates, National Development Council was set up?

3. Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists?

4. Which of the following Price Indices of India is considered for measuring ‘Headline Inflation’?

5. ___the benefits of development from different sectors should not by pass women and special programmes on women should complement the general development programmes. The latter, in turn, should reflect greater gender sensitivity” Which among the following plan documents emphasized the need of “Gender Budgeting” by incorporating the above clause / phrase?

6. ’SHG Bank Linkage Programme’ is a program which encourages India’s banks to lend to self-help groups (SHGs) composed mainly of poor women, this has evolved into an important Indian tool for microfinance. This programe was initiated by?

7. “A statement of estimated receipts and expenditures called annual Financial Statement (Budget) has to be placed before parliament for each financial year.” The above provision has been enshrined in which among the following articles of Constitution of India?

8. “Bad money (if not limited in quantity) drives good money out of circulation.”The statement is from which among the following laws?

9. “Gadgil Formula” is related to which of the following?

10. “Salboni ” in west Bengal is best known for which of the following?

11. ” Income generated from Tourism” can be placed in which among the following?

12. ”India’s response to the challenge of providing pre-school education on one hand and breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and mortality, on the other” Which among the following best suits to the above objective?

13. A Bank included in the second schedule of RBI is called as _________?

14. A Bank opened in Special Economic Zones in India comes under which among the following?

15. A charge levied by a Life Insurance Company for the life insurance protection upon death and to cover certain other expenses is termed as _____?

16. A Committee on Tax on Agricultural Wealth and Income recommended a progressive Agricultural Holding Tax (AHT) in 1972.What is the name of this committee?

17. A company wishes to establish a Multi Product Special Economic Zone in Manipur. What is the minimum area requirement for this company to fulfill for getting approval for that SEZ?

18. A debenture holder of a company is also its ______?

19. A farmer has taken a loan for a paddy crop in the beginning of the Rabi Season and has not made a repayment. In which of the following situations, if Installment or interest is not paid for this loan, it would become a NPA (Non Performing Asset)?

20. A good that is non-rivalries and non-excludable, and whose benefits can not be prices and therefore to which the principle of exclusion does not apply comes under the following heading?

21. A new private bank is established under which of the following?

22. A non-banking finance company (NBFC) in India has to make some investments in overseas ventures. The NBFC is required to seek regulatory clearance from which of the following authorities?

23. A number of factors are responsible for poverty in India. Which among the following is not the economic factor contributing to poverty?

24. A panel was set up by RBI in 2006 under SC Gupta. The panel gave its recommendation on _______?

25. A person lost his job due to economic recession. He agreed to do some job on a low wage. This is known to be as which among the following?

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