Biology-Objective Related Question Answers

51. What is the most common nutritive tissue for the developing embryos in angiosperm known as?


52. What is the common name of Agaricus?


53. What is cambium?

Elongated cells in between xylem and phloem in dicot plants constitute cambium

54. Write the name of the trees which flower only once in a complete life-cycle?


55. Give the name of an organism that derives its nourishment from another living organism?


56. How do plant cells differ from animal cells?

In having cell walls; plastids and large vacuoles

57. Name an organism having characters of both plants and animals?


58. In which plants the annual rings are absent?


59. What is the peculiarity of Gymnosperms?

They have naked ovules

60. Fruits are not produced in gymnosperms. Why?

Because they are without an ovary

61. In gymnosperms; How does pollination takes place?

Through Wind

62. Name any polygamous type of plant?


63. What do you mean by IUCN?

International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

64. Name a plant that forms fruits but no seed?


65. Name a plant that forms seeds but no fruits?


66. What are Kelps?

Kelps are large sea weeds

67. Write an example of an epiphyte?


68. Write an example of annuals?

Wheat; rice

69. Write an example of Hydrophytes?

Hydrilla; Water lily; Lotus; Water Hyacinth

70. Write an example of Mesophytes?

Cassia fistula; China Rose; Sunflower

71. Which is the tallest tree?

Redwood Sequoia

72. The process of developing new and improved varieties of plants?

Plant breeding

73. The process of removing anther from a bisexual flower?


74. The central plantation crops Research Institute is in?


75. Where is the hybrid sugarcane centre situated?

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