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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1038

51901. Typical levels of efficiency for solar cells range from ________ to ________.

51902. In varactor diodes, as the reverse-bias potential increases, the width of the depletion region ________, which in turn ________ the transition capacitance.

51903. Ge has a ________ dark current and a ________ level of reverse current than silicon.

51904. LCDs have ________ power requirement than (as) LEDs.

51905. The wavelength is usually measured in ________.

51906. The normal range of reverse-bias voltage VR for varactor diodes is limited to about ________.

51907. The barrier at the junction for a Schottky diode is ________ that of the p-n junction device in both the forward- and reverse-bias regions.

51908. The majority of power diodes are constructed using silicon because of its higher ________ rating(s).

51909. Varactor diodes are ________.

51910. LCDs are characteristically ________ LEDs.

51911. The PIV of Schottky diodes is usually ________ that of a comparable p-n junction unit.

51912. ________ is (are) the most widely used material(s) for solar cells.

51913. The negative-resistance region of tunnel diodes can be used in the design of ________.

51914. Which of the following areas is (are) an application of infrared-emitting diodes?

51915. Schottky diodes are very effective at frequencies approaching ________.

51916. What is the voltage drop across Schottky diodes?

51917. In which region is the operating point stable in tunnel diodes?

51918. What is the range of the varying capacitor CT in varactor diodes?

51919. In which period is the capacitor filter discharged through the load in a full-wave rectifier?

51920. The 7805 regulator IC provides ________.

51921. What is the range of the voltage level of the LM317 adjusted voltage regulator?

51922. A voltage regulator with a no-load output dc voltage of 12 V is connected to a load with a resistance of 10 . If the load resistance decreases to 7.5 , the load voltage will decrease to 10.9 V. The load current will be ________, and the percent load regulation is ________.

51923. The best feature film award in the 48th National Film festival was won by a Film Director in?

51924. The concept of Five Year Plan was adopted from?

51925. Calculate the voltage regulation of a power supply having VNL = 50 V and VFL = 48 V.

51926. Switching regulator efficiencies can be greater than ________ percent.

51927. The 7912 regulator IC provides ________ .

51928. If a peak rectified voltage for the full-wave filter circuit is 40 V, calculate the filter dc voltage if C = 75 F and load current is 40 mA.

51929. What is the typical dropout voltage for the 7812 fixed positive voltage regulator?

51930. What is the ratio of the period of the output voltage to the period of the input voltage in a full-wave rectifier?

51931. If the value of full-load voltage is the same as the no-load voltage, the voltage regulation calculated is ________ %, which is the best expected.

51932. Calculate the ripple of a filter output having a 20-V dc component and a 1.7 Vr(rms) ac component.

51933. A voltage regulator has a no-load output of 18 V and a full-load output of 17.3 V. The percent load regulation is

51934. A switching regulator that is configured as a voltage-inverter produces what type of output?

51935. Refer to the given figure. This circuit is called

51936. In Figure 17-1(a)(see question 6), the purpose of R1 is to

51937. For a full-wave rectifier with ac ripple at 120 Hz, the impedance of a capacitor can be calculated using XC = ________.

51938. What is the purpose of an additional RC filter section in a power supply circuit?

51939. In which period is the capacitor filter charged in a full-wave rectifier?

51940. In this improved series regulator circuit, which of the following components is the sampling circuit?

51941. The ________ regulator is less efficient than the ________ type, but offers inherent short-circuit protection.

51942. In which of the following applications is a pulsating dc voltage suitable?

51943. Refer to the given figure. If the output of the circuit were to be a short circuit, what power rating would R1 need to have?

51944. Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred on?

51945. The purpose of the added RC section is to pass most of the dc component while reducing as much of the ac component as possible.

51946. In a series regulator, what is the purpose of fold-back limiting?

51947. Refer to the given figure. The purpose for the zener diode D1 is

51948. In a simple series regulator circuit, which of the following components is the controlling element?

51949. The clock rate of a processor is measured in?

51950. Calculate the dc voltage across a 2-k load for an RC filter section (R = 50 , C = 20 F). The dc voltage across the initial filter capacitor is Vdc = 50 V.

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