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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1041

52051. All periodic frequencies are derived by combining higher frequency ______________ called harmonics.

52052. An rms voltage of 5 V is equivalent to ___.

52053. What type of waveform is shown in the given circuit?

52054. In both induction and synchronous ac motors

52055. What is the peak-to-peak voltage of the waveform in the given circuit?

52056. Most practical alternators generate electricity from

52057. A half-cycle average voltage of 12 V is equal to what rms voltage?

52058. What is the peak value of a household appliance that uses a 230 V ac source?

52059. What is the waveform period difference between the 60 Hz electricity used in this country and the 50 Hz used in Europe?

52060. Test equipment selection enables the technician to both generate signals and:

52061. Why is ac current transfer more effective than dc current transfer over long distances?

52062. A sine wave reaches maximum positive voltage at:

52063. Which percentages of full-amplitude rise time are used for a pulse wave?

52064. What is the average value of a 12 V peak wave?

52065. A test equipment item that has the ability to produce either square, triangular, or sawtooth waveforms is called:

52066. The current is flowing in what direction?

52067. What does the CRT oscilloscope display?

52068. Power companies supply ac, not dc, because:

52069. If a waveform period is determined to be 10 microseconds in duration, what is the frequency of the signal?

52070. The phase difference between sine waves of different frequencies is:

52071. If a sine wave signal is 100 mV peak-to-peak, how many volts would be measured by a voltmeter?

52072. What term expresses the frequency of a rectangular wave?

52073. AC effective voltage is named:

52074. If a voltmeter measures a sine wave as 500 mV, what would be its average value?

52075. One adjustable knob on the oscilloscope that allows the trace to be aligned with a reference graticule is called the:

52076. Signal comparisons may be most easily seen when using which item of test equipment?

52077. The magnitude that an alternation varies from zero is called its:

52078. The power that is distributed from a power plant to your home is:

52079. A rectangular wave that has a duty cycle of 50 percent could be called a:

52080. A triangle wave consists of repeating:

52081. What is the name of a device used to directly measure the frequency of a periodic wave?

52082. Which control should be moved to display more cycles of a signal on an oscilloscope?

52083. What is the name of a device that converts sound waves to electrical waves?

52084. If the frequency of a radio wave is increased, then its wavelength will:

52085. What is the rms voltage value of an ac signal whose peak oscilloscope display uses 3 major divisions above the zero setting? (V/cm = 5)

52086. What is the peak-to-peak current value when an ammeter measures a 20 mA value?

52087. How long would it take to transmit an electromagnetic wave to a receiving antenna 1,000 miles away?

52088. What is the waveform period of a square wave signal that horizontally covers 3 major divisions per cycle? (time/cm = 50 ms)

52089. A sine wave has:

52090. What is the peak-to peak voltage of a 56 Vrms ac voltage?

52091. One oscilloscope selector knob that allows the major and minor divisions of the graticule to be used to determine a waveform period is called a:

52092. What is the period of a 16 MHz sine wave?

52093. DC current flows in one direction, while ac current rises from zero to a maximum, then falls to zero in one direction, then rises to a maximum, then falls to zero in the opposite direction.

52094. A square and a rectangular waveform appear to have a step voltage transition.

52095. The duty cycle of a square wave with a pulse width of 3 s and a period of 9 s is 40%.

52096. The rms value of a sine wave is .707 x peak-to-peak value/2.

52097. DC current transfers better over longer distances than ac current.

52098. An ac wave shape could be a sine wave, square wave, or sawtooth wave.

52099. A sawtooth voltage waveform has a linear ramp that changes voltage level with respect to time.

52100. The period of a 10 kHz sine wave is 10 s.

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