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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1055

52751. After a voltage has been applied to an inductor, the current will be ___ of its full value after 2 time constants.

52752. The ___ of a coil is the inherent resistance of the wire.

52753. The inductive reactance of L2 is _____ in the given circuit.

52754. ___ power represents the energy dissipated at a given point in time.

52755. After the first time constant, a transient current has changed by _______________ %, leaving _______________ % remaining.

52756. The total inductive reactance is ___ in the given circuit.

52757. The inductance value of L3 in the given figure is _____ if the total inductance is 340 mH.

52758. When current flow tries to decrease in an inductor, the magnetic field _______________ and the voltage polarity across the inductor _______________.

52759. Electromagnetic induction is the generation of _________ from __________.

52760. Inductive ___ represents the opposition to an alternating current.

52761. The ___ cannot change instantaneously in an inductor.

52762. The opposition to ac by an inductor is directly proportional to ___.

52763. An RL integrator can act as a __________ filter and an RC differentiator can act as a __________ filter.

52764. Electricity may be generated by a wire:

52765. In the given circuit, what will the voltage be across R3 25 s after the switch is moved to position 2?

52766. The electrical energy consumed by a coil is stored in the form of:

52767. What is magnetic flux?

52768. As current travels within a conductor:

52769. What type of device consists of a coil with a moveable iron core?

52770. What is hysteresis?

52771. Who has been honoured with Sydney Peace Medal?

52772. Expenditure on which of the following is not considered investment in the theory of income determination?

52773. Which of the following is not a mosquito borne disease?

52774. One of DeMorgan's theorems states that . Simply stated, this means that logically there is no difference between:

52775. Which is the biggest cricket stadium in India?

52776. SAARC summit meets in between?

52777. Subtraction is commutative.

52778. The only ruler of India who ruled over territories in Central Asia beyond the Pamirs was?

52779. The Boolean expression for a three-input AND gate is Y = A • B + C.

52780. According to the commutative law, in ORing and ANDing of two variables, the order in which the variables are ORed or ANDed makes no difference.

52781. Meenal Thakur belongs to which state?

52782. is the algebraic expression for the duality theorem.

52783. The associative law of addition states that A + (B + C) = (A + B) + C.

52784. A green leaf viewed through a red glass will appear?

52785. The sum-of-products form is a Boolean expression that describes the ANDing of two or more OR functions.

52786. The double-inversion rule states that if a variable is inverted twice, then the variable will be back to its original state.

52787. Each "1" entry in a K-map square represents ______________.

52788. One reason for using the sum-of-products form is that it can be implemented using all ______ gates without much alteration.

52789. A Pala ruler who was raised to the throne by different sections of people was?

52790. The application of Boolean algebra to the solution of digital logic circuits was first explored by ________ of ________.

52791. A Karnaugh map will ____________________.

52792. Name the capital of Switzerland?

52793. Kerala postal circle was established in the year,?

52794. No taxation without representation was the slogan adopted by the?

52795. The observation that a bubbled input OR gate is interchangeable with a bubbled output AND gate is referred to as:

52796. To prevent on unduly high electric current to pass through a circuit we use?

52797. Exclusive-OR (XOR) logic gates can be constructed from what other logic gates?

52798. ‘Bharathendu Harishchandra Award’ was instituted by?

52799. Which of the following places in Kerala is the northern most?

52800. “Social security and Social Insurance” is a subject included in the?

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