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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1061

53051. Resistance and current are _________.

53052. ___ is a better way of expressing 7,500,000 W.

53053. The current is ___ if the voltage across a 5 k resistor is 25 V.

53054. "Half-splitting" is

53055. If doubling the voltage across a resistor doubles the current through the resistor then

53056. If the voltage across a fixed value of resistance is increased five times, what does the current do?

53057. If the resistance in a circuit with constant voltage increases, the current will

53058. Who among the following is the first winner of both Phalke Award and Bharath Ratna?

53059. ASCII stands for :

53060. A noninverting closed-loop op-amp circuit generally has a gain factor:

53061. In order for an output to swing above and below a zero reference, the op-amp circuit requires:

53062. Op-amps used as high- and low-pass filter circuits employ which configuration?

53063. Decreasing the gain in the given circuit could be achieved by

53064. If ground is applied to the (+) terminal of an inverting op-amp, the (–) terminal will:

53065. An astable multivibrator is also known as a:

53066. With negative feedback, the returning signal:

53067. What starts a free-running multivibrator?

53068. A portion of the output that provides circuit stabilization is considered to be:

53069. How many leads does the TO-5 metal can package of an operational amplifier have?

53070. If a noninverting amplifier has an RIN of 1000 ohms and an RFB of 2.5 kilohms, what is the RIN voltage when 1.42 mV is applied to the correct input?

53071. Input impedance [Zin(I)] of an inverting amplifier is approximately equal to:

53072. The closed-loop voltage gain of an inverting amplifier equals:

53073. What is the cutoff frequency of this low-pass filter?

53074. All of the following are basic op-amp input modes of operation EXCEPT

53075. What is the output voltage?

53076. A circuit whose output is proportional to the difference between the input signals is considered to be which type of amplifier?

53077. With negative feedback, the returning signal

53078. What is the output waveform?

53079. The voltage follower has a:

53080. What is the output waveform of the circuit?

53081. The ratio between differential gain and common-mode gain is called:

53082. What is the frequency of this 555 astable multivibrator?

53083. If the gain of a closed-loop inverting amplifier is 3.9, with an input resistor value of 1.6 kilohms, what value of feedback resistor is necessary?

53084. In an open-loop op-amp circuit, whenever the inverting input (–) is negative relative to the noninverting input (+), the output will:

53085. With a differential gain of 50,000 and a common-mode gain of 2, what is the common-mode rejection ratio?

53086. If the input to a comparator is a sine wave, the output is a:

53087. What three subcircuits does a phase locked loop (PLL) consist of?

53088. The major difference between ground and virtual ground is that virtual ground is only a:

53089. If an op-amp has one input grounded and the other input has a signal feed to it, then it is operating as what?

53090. If the feedback/input resistor ratio of a feedback amplifier is 4.6 with 1.7 V applied to the noninverting input, what is the output voltage value?

53091. The Schmitt trigger is a two-state device that is used for:

53092. When a capacitor is used in place of a resistor in an op-amp network, its placement determines:

53093. What value of input resistance is needed in the given circuit to produce the given output voltage?

53094. The common-mode voltage gain is

53095. How many logic states does an S-R flip-flop have?

53096. An output that is proportional to the addition of two or more inputs is from which type of amplifier?

53097. In a PLL, to obtain lock, the signal frequency must:

53098. An ideal amplifier should have:

53099. A differential amplifier has a common-mode gain of 0.2 and a common-mode rejection ratio of 3250. What would the output voltage be if the single-ended input voltage was 7 mV rms?

53100. The magnitude of closed-loop voltage gain (Acl) of an inverting amplifier equals:

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