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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1118

55901. An amplifier has an input resistance of 10 kΩ and the noise voltage is 10 μV. If two such resistances of 10 kΩ each are connected in series at the input, the total noise voltage is about

55902. Drugs used for treatment of leprosy are

55903. In a colour TV receiver the bandwidth of RF amplifier is

55904. An FM signal with a deviation is passes through the mixer, and has its frequency reduced five fold. The deviation in the output of the mixer is

55905. FSK is a system involving

55906. A 200 Hz sound wave is to be transmitted by a 1000 kHz radio wave using frequency modulation. The instantaneous frequency variation will be

55907. In a TV studios, flying spot scanner is a device for

55908. A broadcast radio transmitter radiates 5 kW when the modulation percentage is 60. How much of this is carrier power?

55909. A device has two resistances 300 Ω and 200 Ω respectively. The noise voltages due to these two resistance calculated separately are 5.38 μV and 4.38 μV respectively. When both of them are used together, the noise voltage will be

55910. The antenna diameter of a radar system is doubled. The maximum range will

55911. Which of the following microphones works on the piezoelectric effect?

55912. In PAL system weighting of R - Y and B - Y signals is done to

55913. In case of probability of the message is 1 to 16 then the information will be

55914. The saving of power in DSB-SC modulated at 80% is

55915. A total of 16 equally probable events exist. If it is required to select one out of them, the number of required bits is

55916. When modulation index of an AM wave is increased from 0.5 to 1, the transmitted power

55917. Quantizing error occurs in

55918. In audio cassettes the width of each recording track is

55919. The most commonly used transistor amplifier circuit is

55920. When energy is fed into open wire transmission line the energy may get dissipated due to

55921. Fourier series expansion of a real periodic signal with fundamental frequency is given by It is given that c3 = 3 + j5. then c-3 is

55922. Loudness control gives

55923. A mobile telephone has a range of about

55924. If transmitted power is 75 kW, the field strength at 30 km distance will be about

55925. In the television system in India, each frame is scanned

55926. Each kilometer of travel in electromagnetic radiation means a time delay of

55927. A video monitor is exactly similar to TV receiver.

55928. A RADAR can be used to

55929. In single tone AM modulation, the transmission efficiency for m = 1 is

55930. AM amplifier having noise figure of 20 dB and available power gain of 15 dB is followed by a mixer circuit having noise figure of 9 dB. The overall noise figure as referred to input in dB is

55931. Which one of the following is non-resonant antenna?

55932. Condyloma lata is seen in

55933. The efficiency of using a binary system for selection of 1 out of 13 equally probable events is

55934. The most suitable method for detecting a modulated signal g(t) = (3 to 6 cos 2p fmt) cos 2p fct is

55935. The time required for horizontal blanking is 16% of that for each horizontal line. If horizontal time is 63.5 μs, the horizontal blanking time for each line is about

55936. When the number of quantising levels is 16 in PCM, the number of pulses in a code group will be

55937. A message signal with bandwidth 10 kHz is lower sideband SSB modulated with carrier frequency fc1 = 106 Hz. The resulting signal is then passed though a narrow band frequency modulator with carrier frequency fc2 = 109 Hz. The bandwidth of the output would be

55938. In a PCM system, if the code word length is increased from 6 to 8 bits, the signal to quantization noise ratio improves by the factor.

55939. For 10 bit PCM system, the signal to quantization noise ratio is 62 dB. If the number of bits is increased by 2, then the signal to quantization noise ratio will

55940. The video heads, in VCR, feed the other circuit

55941. A high pulse repetition frequency in a radar

55942. In PCM, the biggest disadvantage as compared to AM is

55943. Which of the following microphones is the cheapest?

55944. The following are characteristic features of Port-wine stain EXCEPT

55945. If a line is terminated in characteristic impedance Z0, the input impedance measured at the input will be

55946. In a TV, the output from RF tuner is about

55947. 24 telephone channels, each band limited to 3.4 kHz, are to be time division multiplexed by using PCM, calculate the bandwidth of PCM system for 128 quantization levels and an 8 KHz sampling frequency

55948. A signal is sampled at 8 kHz and is quantized using 8 bit uniform quantizer. Assuming SNRq for a sinusoidal signal, the correct statement for PCM signal with a bit rate of R is

55949. Generally a VCR has

55950. A remote control of TV uses a 10 bit word. The maximum number of total commands it can transmit is

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