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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1128

56401. An amplifier of passband 450 kHz to 460 kHz will be named as

56402. Which is not true about”Catter-all’s head-at-risk”signs in Perthe’s disease?

56403. For a 42 year old Male driver with Right hemiplegic stroke,inability to put on a dress i

56404. For broadcasting purpose, full AM signal is preferred to SSB signal because

56405. If ω is the frequency of modulating voltage in FM, the modulation index is proportional to

56406. Which camera tube has gamma of almost unity?

56407. The baud rate is

56408. ”Ischaial Weight Bearing”socket is commonly related to

56409. When satellite radio beam is aimed towards earth, it illuminates on the earth for an oval shaped area called

56410. Which of the following is invariably found in SSB?

56411. In the spectrum of a frequency modulated wave

56412. Which of the following pulse communication system is inherently immune to noise?

56413. In a PCM system, if we increase the quantization levels from 2 to 8, how do the relative bandwidth requirements vary?

56414. If the target area is small compared to wavelength of radar the situation is called

56415. If a signal band limited for fm is sampled at a rate less than 2 fm the reconstructed signal will be

56416. A better SNR can be obtained in a PCM by

56417. In stroke rehabilitation,one of the following rehabilitation measure does not use the principle of ‘Neuro Plasticity’.

56418. The type of noise that interfere very much with high frequency transmission is

56419. In communication systems, the modulating signal is also called

56420. Hue of a colour means

56421. Consider the following statements: The radar pulse must be flat topped to allow accurate range measurementallow good minimum rangeprevent frequency changes in magnetronmake the returned echoes easier to distinguish from noise. Which of the above are correct?

56422. Filter method and phasing method are the methods for generating

56423. In amplitude modulation

56424. Which one the following is an advantage of AM over FM?

56425. Some multiplexing arrangements for telephone system are Space multiplexingTime division multiplexingFrequency division multiplexing Which of the above allow transmission of many independent signals over a single channel?

56426. Industrial noise has the frequency range of

56427. Thermal noise Power is

56428. The characteristic impedance of coaxial cable is about

56429. The diameter and thickness of CD are

56430. Consider the following statements about advantages of phase discriminator over slope detector Fewer tuned circuitsGreater limitingBetter linearityEasy alignment Which of the above are true?

56431. In a superheterodyne radio receiver

56432. The assigned carrier frequency of an FM broadcast station is 96.3 MHz. Its FM signal has a centre frequency of

56433. Digital television is also called

56434. The number of spectral component of a cosine wave is

56435. At FM demodulator output noise power density

56436. According to CCIR standards, the Vestigial Sideband (VSB)

56437. Line of sight transmission is used in

56438. A typical value of insertion loss of SAW filter is

56439. In phase modulation, the phase deviation is

56440. In the human eye, an image persists for a time of about

56441. The different channels in a TDM receiver are separated by

56442. In a pulsed RADAR typical value of pulse duration and pulse frequency respectively are

56443. In a hi-fi system the nonlinear distortion should be less than

56444. A pure tone at 1000 Hz has a dB level of 50 dB. If two such tones exist simultaneously the dB level is about

56445. The HV and other voltage supplies for a TV receiver are obtained from IHVT. The full name for this device is

56446. The main systems used for generation of SSB are

56447. An antenna operates effectively when its dimensions are

56448. The mobile unit of a mobile telephone is generally in

56449. Assertion (A): Water waves are longitudinal but EM waves are transverseReason (R): In an EM wave electric field, magnetic field and propagation are mutually perpendicular.

56450. In a wave the electric field lines are vertical. Then the wave is

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