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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1136

56801. Figure of merit is always unity in

56802. Which of the following modulation is analog in nature?

56803. In the spectrum of a FM wave

56804. The gap width in audio heads is about 0.01 mm.

56805. The tuned circuit of the oscillator in a simple AM transmitter employs a 50 H coil and a 1 nanofarad capacitor. If the oscillator output is the carrier frequency will be

56806. In a low level AM system, the amplifier which follows the modulated stage must be the

56807. In a square law modulator, the carrier frequency should be __________ times than the highest modulating frequency.

56808. CSSB stands for

56809. Tropospheric scatter is used with frequencies in the range of

56810. The PAM Signal can be detected by

56811. FM is named so because

56812. Which statement is incorrect for the signal x(t) = 5 sin (2p x 103t) sin (2p x 106t)?

56813. In radio receivers, the value of IF is

56814. If F(ω) is Fourier transform of f(t), then Fourier transform of f(t) cos2 ωct is

56815. If the target cross-section is changing, the best scanning system for accurate tracking is

56816. If e = 10 sin(108 t + 3 sin 104 t) then the modulation index is

56817. Frequency modulation consists in

56818. Pulse modulation is often used in

56819. Thermal noise has a power spectral density which is quite uniform upto frequencies in the order of

56820. In cell communication

56821. A ground wave travels along surface of ground.

56822. In narrowband FM, the modulation index is

56823. A single-sideband (SSB) signal contains 3 kW. The power content of the carrier is __________ kW.

56824. Waves of frequencies higher than 30 MHz penetrate the atmosphere.

56825. Armstrong modulator generates

56826. The opposite of the word ‘Acquitted’ is ..........?

56827. To select one out of N equally probable events, the number of bits required is

56828. What is the frequency of audio modulation?

56829. The RF section of a radio transmit generally consists of

56830. The storage capacity of audio CD is 540 Mb per side.

56831. In case of a low level AM transmitter, the amplifier modulated stage must be

56832. The device most likely to be found in an SSB transmitter is

56833. Point out the false statement

56834. In a low level AM system, the modulated amplifiers stage must be

56835. An angle modulated signal is expressed by fa(t) = cos (2 x 108 p t) + 75 sin (2 x 103 p t). The peak frequency deviation of the carrier is

56836. The amplitude of a modulated RF aerial current is 6 A on the peaks of modulation and 4 A on the troughs of modulation. The value of carrier amplitude is

56837. In practical commercial AM system channel bandwidth is

56838. The currents fed to the two dipoles of turnstile antenna are

56839. The circuit of figure give an output which is

56840. Which of the following microphones has lowest output impedance?

56841. High frequency waves are

56842. During fast forward operation of a tape recorder

56843. Homodyne detection means

56844. A radio station works at 800 kHz and uses AM. If this is a public broadcast system, it should transmit using

56845. In a superheterodyne broadcast receiver, the frequency of local oscillator is __________ the incoming signal frequency.

56846. PAL stands for

56847. In free space, line of sight propagation case, the transmission losses between transmitter and receiver increase with frequency (f) as

56848. Which of the following disorder is characterized by restricted repetitive and stereotyped behavior?

56849. PCM : Quantising Noise :: Transistor :

56850. The antenna current of an AM transmitter is 8 A. When only the carrier is sent, but it increases to 8.93 A. when the carrier is sinusoidally modulated. The percentage modulation is nearly

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