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58151. The torque (in mm) acting on a circular current loop of radius 1 mm in the xy plane, connected at the origin and with current 0.1 A, flowing in the sense of increasing in a magnetic field is

58152. Which one of the following potential does not satisfy Laplace's equations?

58153. A rectangular waveguide measures 3 x 4.5 cm internally and has a 10 GHz signal propagated in it. Calculate the wave impedance for dominant mode.

58154. Calculate wave impedance for TE mode

58155. In a 100 turn coil, if the flux through each turn is (t3 - 2t)mWb, the magnitude of the induced emf in the coil at a time of 4 sec is

58156. A transmission line is feeding 1 watt of power to a horn antenna having a gain of 10 dB. The antenna is matched to the transmission line. The total power radiated by the horn antenna into the free space is

58157. A parallel polarized wave is incident from air into paraffin having relative permittivity 3, the value of its Brewster angle is

58158. In a conductor which of the following relations hold good?

58159. The radiation resistance of a λ/16 wire dipole in free space will be nearly

58160. Amongst the following, who contributed most to the Bhagvata cult?

58161. Find the noise factor for an antenna at 27°C with equivalent noise temperature 30°K

58162. The displacement flux density at a point on the surface of a perfect conductor is = 2(ax - 3 az)c/m2 pointing away from the surface. The charge density at that point c/m2 will be

58163. Characteristic impedance of a transmission line is 50 Ω. Input impedance of the open circuited line. Zoc = 100 + J150 Ω. When transmission line is short circuited, then value of the input impedance will be

58164. A material has conductivity of 10-2 mho/m and a relative permittivity of 4. The frequency at which conduction current in the medium is equal to displacement current is

58165. The example of non-pre emptive scheduling is

58166. An end fire array consisting of several half-wave lengths of directive gain 40, then find the width of major lobe

58167. A uniform plane EM wave incident normally on a plane surface of a dielectric material is reflected with a VSWR of 3. What percentage of incident power that is reflected?

58168. Poynting vector is associated with which of the following?

58169. A broadside array consisting of 200 cm wavelength with 10 half-wave dipole spacing 10 cm. And if each array element feeding with 1 amp. current and operating at same frequency then find the radiated power

58170. For static magnetic field Maxwell's curl equation is given by

58171. If wave of critical frequency 30 MHz is departing at an angle of 60°, then the MUF is given to be

58172. An antenna having an effective temperature of 27°K is fed into a microwave amplifier that has an effective noise temperature of 30 K. Calculate the available noise power per unit bandwidth

58173. The workers clamoured ......... higher wages .?

58174. A 10 GHz signal propagates in a waveguide with a phase velocity of 4 x 108 m/s. If the signal produces standing wave in the guide, then the distance between successive minimal will be

58175. The incidence from dielectric medium 1 (ε1) into dielectric medium 2 (ε2), Brewster angle θB and the corresponding angle of transmission θt for will be respectively

58176. A medium of relative permittivity εr2 = 2 forms an interface with free space. A point source of EM energy is located in the medium at a depth of 1 meter from the interface. Due to the total internal reflection, the transmitted beam has a circular cross-section over the interface. The area of the beam cross section at the interface is given by

58177. A transmission line of characteristic impedance z0 = 50 Ω. Phase Velocity = 2 x 108 m/sec, and length l = 1 m is terminated by a load z1 = (30 - j 40) ohms. The input impedance of the line for a frequency of 100 MHz will be

58178. A circular waveguide carries TE11 mode whose radial electric-field is given by Er = E 0J1 (r) sin φ V/m where 'r' is the radial distance in cm, from the waveguide axis. The cut-off wavelength of the mode is

58179. A uniform plane wave travelling in air is incident on the plane boundary between air and another dielectric medium with εr = 4. The reflection coefficient for the normal incidence is

58180. A transmission line has characteristics impedance of (75 + j 0.01) Ω and is terminated in a load impedance of (70 + j 50) Ω. The transmission coefficient will be

58181. Maximum effective aperture of an antenna which is operating at a wavelength of 3 meters and has a directivity of 100

58182. The distance between maxima and minima of a standing wave is

58183. A TV. transmitting aerial is fixed on top of a 150 metre tower located on a mountain 1200 m height. The range of transmitter is

58184. A vertical wire of 1 meter length carries a current of 1 A at 10 MHz. The total radiated power is nearly

58185. The length of half-wave antenna is at 30 MHz

58186. For a 400 kHz transmission line having L = 0.5 mH/km, C = 0.08 mF and negligible R and G, the characteristic impedance will be

58187. Which one of the following statement is not a correct for a plane wave with = 0.5e-0.1x cos (106t - 2x)az A/m?

58188. Beamwidth (between first nulls) will be for an antenna at 3 MHz with directivity of 100

58189. If and the time average Poynting vector is

58190. Calculate the wave number in waveguide having dimensions 4 x 2 cm at 3 GHz

58191. Which one of the following features was borrowed by the Indian Constitution from British Constitution?

58192. The I/P impedance of a short circuited quarter wave long transmission line is

58193. A dipole antenna of λ/8 length has an equivalent total loss resistance of 1.5 Ω. The efficiency of the antenna is

58194. Gain of an antenna with a circular aperture of diameter 4 meter at frequency of 10 GHz, with directivity 60

58195. If the electric field intensity is given by , the potential difference between x(2, 0, 0) and y(1, 2, 3) is

58196. The ‘Wagon Tragedy’ in Malabar was in the year ......?

58197. Polarization of a wave is

58198. Calculate the critical frequency for the E layer if maximum ionic densities are 3 x 106

58199. Calculate the directivity of a given linear end fire, uniform array of 20 element, each separated by λ/3

58200. For a 400 kHz transmission line having L = 0.5 mH/km, C = 0.08 mF and negligible R and G, the velocity propagation will be

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