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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1165

58251. The maximum effective aperture of an antenna which is operating at wavelength of 2 m and has directivity of 100 is

58252. The waveguides compared to equivalent transmission lines at low frequency are

58253. The current distribution of a half wave dipole is

58254. In case of static electric field Maxwell's divergence equation states that:

58255. For a reflection co-efficient of 0.5, the value of SWR is

58256. A rectangular waveguide having TE10 mode as dominant mode is having a cut off frequency of 18 GHz for the TE30 mode. The inner broad wall dimension of the rectangular waveguide is

58257. A 50 p characteristic impedance line is connected to a load which shows a reflection coefficients of 0.268. If Vin = 15 volt, then the net power delivered to the load will be

58258. 1 dB is equal to __________ nepier

58259. Cassergain feed is used with a parabolic reflector to

58260. Voltage standing wave pattern in a loss less transmission line with characteristic impedance 50 Ω and a resistive load is shown in the figure. The value of load resistance is

58261. For the same length of arrays, half power beam-width of binomial array

58262. The effective electrical length of an antenna is __________ its physical length

58263. The direction in a Yagi Uda antenna is longer than the radiating element.

58264. Who among the following was not a member of Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India?

58265. The intrinsic impedance of free space

58266. To couple a coaxial line to a parallel to wire line it is best to use a

58267. The shunt admittance of a transmission line is given by

58268. A dipole antenna was radiating with some excitation in free space radiating a certain amount of the power. If this antenna is immersed in a lake where water is non-dissipative but has a dielectric constant of 81, the radiated power with the same excitation will

58269. If short-circuited and open circuited impedances are 5 ohms and 20 ohms, then characteristic impedance is

58270. Electric lines of force do not cross each other because

58271. A person with a receiver is 5 km away from the transmitter. What is the distance that this person must move further to detect at 3 dB decrease in signal strength?

58272. For free space propagation

58273. SHF range is

58274. In figure the voltage distribution on a vertical earthed antenna is represented by

58275. The direction in a Yagi Uda antenna

58276. In cell phone antennas are

58277. Antenna commonly used for microwave links are

58278. For a good conducting medium the intrinsic impedance is

58279. For an ideal antenna, numerical value of directivity must be

58280. The force in a magnetic field is given by F = qvB

58281. An electromagnetic wave is incident normally on a dielectric boundary. It is

58282. According to maximum power transfer theorem, if the load is inductive, the source should be

58283. According to Siegel and Labus, antenna can be treated as

58284. Given figure shows a 90° sector of spherical reflector with vertex 'V', centre of curvature 'C' and equal distances VD, DF, FE and EC. When a beam of EM wave is incident parallel to the axis, all the energy will pass through the region

58285. The value of susceptibility in case of vacuum is taken as

58286. Self impedance is

58287. Equipotential surfaces about a point charge are in which one of the following forms?

58288. __________ will have the least value of relative permeability.

58289. The relative permeability is taken as unity for which of the following?

58290. The disturbance from adjacent power lines is known as

58291. Magnesium is alloyed with conducting materials for antenna primarily with the purpose of

58292. Which of the following term applies to troposcatter propagation?

58293. Which of the following components of blood protects human beings from infection?

58294. The effective refraction index of the ionosphere for radio wave is

58295. For space propagation, what will be the electric field strength at receiving antenna

58296. A medium is said to be isotropic when

58297. The radiation resistance of a resonant long wire antenna of half wavelength (λ/2) is given

58298. A uniform wave have components

58299. The measure of mismatch between the load and the transmission line is known as

58300. Ionospheric storm causes an abnormal decrease in the critical frequency.

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