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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1203

60151. The driving point impedance of the following network is given by . The component values are

60152. Pressure at the summit of a syphon is

60153. In a synchro error detector, the output voltage is proportional to [ω(t)]n, where ω(t) is the rotor velocity and n equals :

60154. If the closed-loop transfer function T(s) of a unity negative feedback system is given by then the steady state error for a unit ramp input is :

60155. In 8085 microprocessor system, can an input and output port have same port address?

60156. 5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled worker can build a wall in 25days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall in 30 days, If a team has 2 killed, 6 semi-skilled and 5 unskilled workers, how long will it take to build the wall?

60157. The fourier transform of the half cosine pulse as shown below is __________

60158. A lossless transmission line is 50 cm long and operates at a frequency of 500 MHz. Inductance and capacitances present in a line are 0.5 μH/m and 200 pF/m. Phase constant and phase velocity are respectively.

60159. The electric field of 2.5 x 107 V/m can give 1 eV energy to condition electron, then in a copper block what will be the mean free path of electron?

60160. 25 persons are in a room. 15 of them play hockey, 17 of them play football and 10 of them play both hockey and football. Then the number of persons playing neither hockey nor football is:

60161. For the circuit shown in the following figure I0-I3 are inputs to the 4:1 multiplexer R(MSB) and S are control bits The output Z can be represented by

60162. The transfer function of a system is . For a unit-step input to the system the approximate setting time for 2% criterion is :

60163. Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which the central metal is?

60164. The impulse response of an initially relaxed linear system is e-2tu(t) . To produce a response te-2tU(t), the input must be equal to __________ .

60165. The continuous time system with impulse response h(t) u(t) is stable, if __________ (n is even).

60166. Consider the following diagrams showing vector fields : The correct statements are

60167. In the signal flow graph of figure, y/x equals.

60168. Find resistance RB to bring transistor to threshold of saturation (VCB = 0), VBE = 0.7 V, a = 0.96

60169. A system with transfer function has an output for the input signal . Then, the system parameter 'p' is

60170. The current i(t), though a 10 Ω resistor in series with an inductance, is given by i(t) = 3 + 4 sin (10t + 45°) + 4 sin (300t + 60°) Amperes. The RMS value of the current and the power dissipated in the circuit are

60171. The Reserve Bank of India issues currency notes under the?

60172. A transmitter radiates a power 20 KW and its base current is 18A. The radiation resistance of the antenna is

60173. e-2t is __________ .

60174. The Boolean expression B⊕E is a simplified version of expression A BE + BCDE+ BC D E + A B D E + B C D E + A B D E then which of the following choice is correct? don't care conditions doesn't existdon't care conditions existd( 16, 18, 20, 23, 27, 29) is the set of don't care conditionsd( 16, 20, 22, 27, 29) is the set of don't care conditions

60175. A white noise X(t) with two-sided power spectral density 1 x 10-10 W/Hz is input to a filter whose magnitude squared response is shown below. The power of the output process Y(t) is given by

60176. A short vertical grounded antenna is required to radiate at 1 MHz. The effective height of the antenna is 302 m. The calculated value of radiation resistance is

60177. The following circuit diagram resembles :

60178. Consider an angle modulated signal x(t) = 6cos[2p x 106t + 2sin(8000p t) + 4cos(8000p t)] V The average power of x(t) is

60179. Two discrete time systems with impulse responses h1[n] = δ[n - 1] and h2[n] = δ[n - 2] are connected in cascade. The overall impulse response of the cascaded system is

60180. The magnitude plot of a composite signal x(t) = e2jt + e3jt is

60181. A message signal given by is amplitude modulated with a carrier of frequency ωc to generate s(t) = [1 + m(t)] cos ωct

60182. A 16 bit counter type ADC uses 1 MHz clock then its maximum conversion time is __________ .

60183. A first order system will never be able to give a __________ response. Band passBand rejectAll pass Choose the correct option

60184. A function n(x) satisfied the differential equation where L is a constant. The boundary conditions are: n(0) = K and n(∞) = 0. The solution to this equation is

60185. If over the path shown in the figure is

60186. 50 independent low pass signals of bandwidth W, 2W, 3W, W, 2W, 3W, W, 2W, 3W Hz are to be time division multiplexer on a common channel using PAM. To achieve this, the minimum transmission capacity of the channel should be __________ .

60187. First recipient of Ezhuthachan award?

60188. Two coils X of 1000 turns and Y of 2000 turns are placed such that 60% of the flux produced by coil X links coil Y. A current of 1 A in coil X produces 0.1 wb flux. The mutual inductance between coils is

60189. { x(n) } is a real-valued periodic sequence with a period N. x(n) and X(k) form N-point. Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) pairs. The DFT Y(k) of the sequence. y(n) = x(r) X (n + r) is

60190. The signal x(t) is described by Two of the angular frequencies at which its fourier transform becomes zero are

60191. (29)13 ÷ (29)12 x (29)x = (23)16 Find x

60192. If the scattering matrix [S] of a two port network is then the network is

60193. Consider the frequency modulated signal 10 cos (2p x 105t + 5 sin (2p x 1500t) + 7.5 sin (2p x 1000t) with carrier frequency of 105Hz. The modulation index is

60194. A system with transfer function H(z) has impulse response h(.) defined as h(2) = 1, h(3) = -1 and h(k) = 0 otherwise. Consider the following statements S1: H(z) is a low pass filter S2: H(z) is a FIR filter. Which of the following is correct?

60195. Consider an incremental vector element of length ΔL and angle between an electric field E and ΔL s cos θ. Then in which direction should ΔL be placed to be obtain maximum value of Δv?

60196. A MOD - 2 counter, the FF has a tpd = 60 nsec. The NOR gate has a tpd of 30 nsec. The clock frequency is

60197. Evaluate the power stored in inductor and capacitor

60198. If the Laplace transform of the voltage transform of the voltage across a capacitor of value F is the value of the current through the capacitor at t = 0+ is

60199. The switching expression corresponding to : f(A, B, C, D)= ∑(0, 3, 4, 7, 8) + (10, 11, 12, 14, 15) is:

60200. Man belongs to the phylum?

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