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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1258

62901. In laboratory experiment the output from reflex klystron is moderated by square wave because

62902. Klystron amplifier is not used to amplifier very weak microwave signals due to

62903. Which of the following modes in circular waveguides are circularly symmetric?

62904. Which of the following lines behaves as infinite line?

62905. A rectangular waveguide has two stubs each length connected at the source end. The stubs are short circuted. Then

62906. Performance of a PIN diode switch is represented by

62907. A circular waveguide has an infinite set of TE and TM modes.

62908. In TE and TM modes of rectangular waveguides having propagation in z direction

62909. Which of the following are true for magic tee in the given figure select the answer as per given codes S13 = S23S14 = S24S12 = 0S34 = 0

62910. The manufacturing technique used to manufacture strip type transmission line is

62911. An electromagnetic wave can be completely guided by a dielectric rod or slab.

62912. Most electromagnetic transmission in rectangular wave-guide uses

62913. Loading of a line means

62914. The frequency of oscillations obtained from a reflex klystron depends mainly on

62915. The main advantage of TWT over klystron is

62916. In a TWT the phase velocity of the axial component of the field on the slow wave structure is kept

62917. Assertion (A): Two equal and opposite travelling waves result in a standing wave.Reason (R): The ratio of maximum to minimum value of a standing wave is called SWR.

62918. When a wave reaches an open circuit

62919. Assertion (A): In circular waveguide the attenuation of TE01 mode decreases as the operating frequency increases.Reason (R): The wall currents in a circular waveguide in TEQ1 mode are completely circumferential.

62920. Consider the following statements Usable bandwidth of ridge wave guide is more than that of rectangular waveguide.For a given value of TM10 cutoff frequency the cross section of ridge wave guide is lesser that that of rect angular waveguide.Ridge wave guide has higher conductor losser than a rectangular waveguide.Ridge guide has higher conductor losser than a rectangular waveguide. Which of the above statements are correct?

62921. Directive gain of elementary doublet is

62922. Consider the following statements, SWR of a transmission line is infinite when the load is a short circuita complex impedancean open circuita pure reactance Which of the above statements are correct?

62923. In a reflex klystron the output frequency is determined primarily by resonant frequency of cavity.

62924. The arrangement in the given figure is a hybid T. If 100 mW fed at port 1, the power reflected back at port 1 is

62925. In TE10 mode the largest electric field in a rectangular wave guide, occurs

62926. Which modes of circular wave guides have circular symmetry?

62927. In rectangular waveguides the ratio of width to height is about

62928. Intensity of rays are measured by using?

62929. In the given figure the circuits for input impedance of a microwave device with output ports match terminated. The device is

62930. Which of these statements is correct?

62931. A rectangular waveguide has width a. Then at the cutoff frequency (with corresponding wave length λc)

62932. In a rectangular waveguide cutoff wavelength for TE10 mode is 8 cm. Then cutoff wavelength for TE20 mode is

62933. In a coaxial line

62934. If a and b are the width and height of rectangular wave-guide the cut off wavelength λc for TE20 mode is equal to

62935. A TEM wave is incident normally on a perfect conductor. The E and H fields at boundary will respectively be

62936. She is determined ......... completing her studies.?

62937. Frequency range for satellite communication is

62938. For a given operating frequency a waveguide has more power handling capacity than a coaxial line.

62939. VSWR = Emax/Emin.

62940. Power monitor and reflectometer use the principle of

62941. A line slightly longer than length and short circuited at far end behaves as

62942. Compared to coaxial lines, the advantages of wave guides are

62943. Standard mismatches are used to calibrate SWR and impedance measuring equipments.

62944. As compared to LED, LASER has higher emission efficiencyno tuning arrangementnarrow spectral widthprovision for confinement Of these statements

62945. Microwaves are used for

62946. In a shield helix

62947. Consider the following statements about hybrid ring Ports 1 and 2 are decoupled.Port 3 and 4 are coupled.A signal entering either port 1 or 2 splits equally between ports 3 and 4.A signal entering either port 3 or 4 splits equally between ports 1 and 2. Which of the above are correct?

62948. TM01 mode in circular waveguide is analogous to

62949. In microwave system, waveguide twists

62950. The State bird of Kerala is:?

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