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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1296

64801. Three point tracking can be achieved with

64802. In a transistor receiver, the use of FET as the first stage amplifier is likely to

64803. The household radio receiver uses

64804. The source of which of the following noise is different from that of the remaining?

64805. A receiver having poor IF selectivity will also have poor

64806. Statement 1 Diode is the most common device used for demodulation. Statement 2 A discriminator is a FM detector.

64807. The selectivity curve of a standard receiver is represented by

64808. Which of the following statement about the advantage of phase discriminator over the slope detector is false?

64809. Fidelity of a receiver represents

64810. Which of the following produces upper and lower side frequencies?

64811. The passband of the tuned circuits of a radio receiver should be equal to

64812. In a broadcast superheterodynes receiver having no RF amplifier, the loaded Q of the antenna coupling circuit is 100. If the intermediate frequency is 455 kHz. In receivers operating upto the limit of shortwave broadcasting the local oscillator often used is

64813. Select the ‘pitch’ of a medium hacksaw blade from the following:

64814. In an FM signal, the power

64815. An unmodulated voltage 10 V effective is applied to a dioxide detector in which load resistance is 4 x 10-5 ohms. A micrometer shows that the rectified DC current in this resistance is 30 A. The efficiency of detection is

64816. Selectivity varies with receiving frequency, frequency is raised.

64817. FM receivers using the standard 88 to 108 MHz band use IF of

64818. Most of the amplification of the received signal is obtained in a superheterodyne receiver from the

64819. The problem associated with tuned-radio frequency receiver is

64820. Refrigerator compressor motor winding burnt out:

64821. Superheterodyne receiver can be used in

64822. In a receiver, at higher frequencies

64823. Which of the following circuit cannot be used to demodulate SSB?

64824. High IF in a superheat receiver

64825. Which of the following is not a desirable property of a good insulating material?

64826. A communication channel with additive white Gaussian noise, has a bandwidth of 4 kHz and an SNR of 15. Its channel capacity is

64827. Compressor used in window A/c is:

64828. In a superheterodyne receiver

64829. The function of an AM detector circuit is to

64830. Which of the following should be used in order to prevent overloading or the last IF amplifier in a receiver?

64831. Most popular IF for receivers tuning to 540 to 1650 kHz is

64832. How many operations are in service valve?

64833. The most possible leakage spots in the refrigerator is:

64834. One Kilowat is equal to:

64835. It is an instrument used to measure high temperature:

64836. The operation of split A/c produces:

64837. The discussing sharing of a communication satellite by many geographically dispersed Earth station, DAMA means

64838. The angle subtended by earth at geostationary communication satellite is

64839. The INTELSAT-IV satellite launched in 1974 had two earth coverage antenna and two narrower-angle antennas subtending 4.5°. The signal from narrow-angle antenna was stronger than that from earth- coverage antenna by a factor of

64840. A transponder is a satellite equipment which

64841. A geosynchronous satellite

64842. To make antenna more directional, either its size must be increased or

64843. India's first domestic geostationary satellite 1NSAT-IA was launched on 10th April 1982 from

64844. Satellite launch sites are invariably located on Eastern seaboards to ensure that

64845. The owner of a communication satellite is usually required to keep the spacecraft on station at its assigned place in the geosynchronous orbit with an accuracy of __________ degree.

64846. The number of days when Earth's shadow falls on a geosynchronous satellite is

64847. Of the four INSAT-I satellites planned by India so for, only __________ has proved to be successful.

64848. Radio broadcasting is a familiar example of

64849. As compared to 17.34° antenna, the total increase in the signal relayed by 4.5° antenna of INTELSAT-IV is

64850. Which one of the following statements regarding DSI is wrong?

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