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6551. The destruction of microorganisms by steam may be described as

6552. Typical aeration rates for aerobic fermentation are

6553. The sterilization method depends

6554. The specific death rate of an organism can be expressed as

6555. The interception efficiency can be expressed as (where dp is the particle diameter and Dc cylindrical collection diameter)

6556. The relationship between the del factor, temperature and time is given as

6557. The del factor (Δ) increases as the final number of cells

6558. Fresco paintings of Ajanta Caves belong to the:

6559. Which of the following contains a list of files in Unix?

6560. To which of the following is the term “Operation flood” associated?

6561. The capital-seat Gangaikondacholapuram was founded by

6562. Shivaji assumed the title of Chhatrapati in the year

6563. Hardness of water does not

6564. Permanent hard water may be softened by passing it through

6565. Zeolite used in zeolite softening process for the treatment of hard water gets exhausted after certain time of usage but can be regenerated by flushing it with

6566. Temporary hardness of water is caused by the presence of

6567. Secondary treatment uses __________ to consume wastes.

6568. Application of quaternary ammonium compounds as sanitizing agents tends to

6569. Permanent hardness of water is caused by the presence of

6570. According to BIS the maximum permissible limit of dissolved solids in drinking water is

6571. Acid used mostly for removal of milk stone is

6572. Which of the following chemical is sometime added in the process of coagulation and flocculation?

6573. Which of the following physical method is used as germicidal in modern time for the treatment of drinking water?

6574. Sanitizer used specifically for vitreous enamel are

6575. The common methods used for disinfection in waste water treatment plants are

6576. Inhibitors are used along with sanitizer to

6577. Sanitizers used for rubber made equipments are

6578. Which of the following substances are commonly used in a filter?

6579. Biological oxidation processes usually referred as biological treatment, are the most common form of

6580. The maximum permissible limit (BIS) of turbidity in drinking water is

6581. Sedimentation is a physical process used in wastewater treatment to

6582. The ultimate source of water is

6583. Permanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of

6584. Both temporary and permanent hardness of water can be removed on boiling water with

6585. Lagoons may be characterized as

6586. Temporary hardness of water may be removed by adding

6587. The maximum desirable limit (BIS of mercury in the drinking water is

6588. From the following sanitizers which one comes under category of surface active agents?

6589. The purest form of naturally occurring water is

6590. Calgon is used for removal of

6591. The water being used in dairy industry should contain not more than

6592. The activated sludge process consists of returning a portion of the clarifier

6593. The activated sludge process is sometime referred as

6594. BOD stands for

6595. When temporary hard water is boiled, one of the substances formed is

6596. Zeolite softening process removes both temporary and permanent hardness of water. In this process the calcium and magnesium present in water are precipitated as

6597. The methods used for biological treatment are

6598. Both temporary and permanent hardness of water can be removed by

6599. Coliform bacteria in water is an indication of the presence of

6600. The maximum desirable limit Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) of lead in the drinking water is

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