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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1320

66001. People who secretly indulge in anti-national or anti-government activities and help the enemy are called

66002. Sulphur is not present in

66003. Oxygen was independently discovered by

66004. Rise of the Chinese civilization along the banks of Hawang 40 took place in

66005. Presently known as the European Union, the EEC was established in

66006. Steel is more elastic than Rubber because

66007. The 2003 Right Livelihood Honorary Award honors ____, when the jury recognizes "for his steadfast work over many years for a world free of nuclear weapons".

66008. Tansen was

66009. Ornithology is the

66010. Rabindranath Tagore is also known as

66011. Raj Kapoor received Dada Saheb Phalke Award in

66012. Oscar Awards are conferred annually by

66013. Robert Koch worked on

66014. Satyajit Ray received Magsaysay Award for journalism, literature and creative communication arts in

66015. The agreement according to which the UK, the USA and the former USSR cannot assist other countries in acquiring technology to develop nuclear weapons, is known as

66016. The 'Red Triangle' symbol denotes

66017. P.T. Usha, who came close to bagging a bronze finished fourth in ____ in 1984 Olympics.

66018. Photophobia is

66019. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because

66020. The ancient Olympics Games came to a sudden end when the Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them as paper manifestations. The modern Olympic Games were received after a lapse of nearly

66021. Reproductive cells in human beings are produced

66022. Study of earthquakes is known as

66023. The 2005 Australian Open Tennis Championship titles for men's and women's singles were won, respectively by

66024. Penicillin was invented by

66025. Super conductivity is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a substance

66026. The Africa fund (Action for Resisting Invasion, Colonialism and Apartheid) under India's leadership was instituted by

66027. Rohinton Baria Trophy is associated with

66028. Rangaswamy Cup is associated with

66029. Rare Earth factory is situated in

66030. Pakistan left the Commonwealth in 1972, but rejoined as 49th member of the Commonwealth in

66031. Primary rainbow is formed when light suffers

66032. Rana Pratap Sagar (Rajasthan) is famous for

66033. The chief constituent of gobar gas is

66034. The countries that had maintained research stations in Antarctica under Antarctic Trade are

66035. The first development flight of SLV-3 took place on

66036. The Enron project is a

66037. The chief purpose of crop rotation is to check the loss of top soil

66038. World's busiest airports by passenger traffic is

66039. The first meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in which of the following cities?

66040. The first rice straw power plant has been set up at

66041. The founder member of EFTA are

66042. The first historical mention of the holding of the ancient Olympic Games occurred about

66043. The first Afro-Asian Games were held in

66044. The first meeting of the SAARC was opened in

66045. The General Assembly meets regularly

66046. The fighter force of Air Force is comprised of

66047. The Central Command of Army is located at

66048. The credit of inventing the television goes to

66049. The first man-made satellite, Sputnik I was launched by the former USSR in

66050. The General Assembly meets every year in regular sessions which begin on

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