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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1383

69151. A candidate appointed as clerk on 2013 was on probation for a period of 2 years duty within a continuous period of three years.During the probation he should pass MOP test.He has passed the test on 2016 and sanctioned second increment on declaration of probation.Third increment will be due on:

69152. Authority competent to restore commuted portion of pension:

69153. The initial substantive pay of an officer who is appointed substantively to a post on a time scale of pay which has been reduced for reasons other than a diminution of duties or responsibilities attached to post thereon and who is not entitled to draw pay on the time scales as it stood prior to reduction is regulated by:

69154. In the case of a probationer whose period of probation is one year and whose increment is annual the first increment in the scale of pay of probation shall be drawn only with effect from:

69155. A Govt.servant thrown of service for want of vacancy and reappointed after a break in the same post can count his prior service for increment:

69156. pain

69157. gala

69158. monopoly

69159. guitar

69160. election

69161. shoe

69162. swimming

69163. lightning

69164. ovation

69165. bonus

69166. antique

69167. culture

69168. knowledge

69169. domicile

69170. vertebrate

69171. itinerary

69172. orchestra

69173. facsimile

69174. provisions

69175. sustenance

69176. infirmary

69177. purchase

69178. dimension

69179. wedding

69180. faculty

69181. recipe

69182. autograph

69183. cage

69184. champion

69185. saddle

69186. dome

69187. glacier

69188. directory

69189. contract

69190. hurricane

69191. town

69192. vibration

69193. harvest

69194. desert

69195. book

69196. language

69197. school

69198. A candidate who was appointed temporarily as clerk on the advise of Employment Exchange from 2014 for 179 days.Later he was appointed as clerk on 2015 on the advise of KPSC in the same department.Probation is for 2 years.His first Increment is due on:

69199. Pension admissible to an employee who has retired from service on Qualifying service 33 years.Average emoluments Rs.59,400

69200. The date of compulsory retirement of an officer appointed on or after 2013 and who is a member of National Pension System?

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