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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1386

69301. Period of maternity leave admissible to a female officer on full pay?

69302. For the purpose of travelling allowance officers are classified into-------grades.

69303. A ring road------------around the city.

69304. Statements: Raman is always successful. No fool is always successful. Conclusions: Raman is a fool. Raman is not a fool.

69305. Statements: Some desks are caps. No cap is red. Conclusions: Some caps are desks. No desk is red.

69306. Statements: Some hens are cows. All cows are horses. Conclusions: Some horses are hens. Some hens are horses.

69307. Statements: All water is divine. All temples are divine. Conclusions: All water is temple. All temples are water.

69308. Statements: All men are dogs. All dogs are cats. Conclusions: All men are cats. All cats are men.

69309. You are very arrogant.It is high time you ------------that you are not the most important person in the worl

69310. He is one of the best actors that ------------ever live

69311. ’Let the guards be armed’,he ordere(Choose the most appropriate indirect speech.)

69312. Choose the correct sentence from the following:

69313. The meaning of the idiom “to cook somebody’s goose”is:

69314. Statements: All young scientists are open-minded. No open-minded men are superstitious. Conclusions: No scientist is superstitious. No young people are superstitious.

69315. Statements: Some pastries are toffees. All toffees are chocolates. Conclusions: Some chocolates are toffees. Some toffees are not pastries.

69316. Statements: All boys are honest. Sachin is honest. Conclusions: Sachin is a boy. All honest persons are boys.

69317. Statements: All pens are roads. All roads are houses. Conclusions: All houses are pens. Some houses are pens.

69318. Statements: All artists are smokers. Some smokers are drunkards. Conclusions: All smokers are artists. Some drunkards are not smokers.

69319. Choose the best antonym for OBLITERATE

69320. What do we call a group of dolphins?

69321. What is the feminine gender of ‘ram’?

69322. Choose the best synonym for DOCILE:

69323. An accounting system which presents the Balance sheet in two parts is called:

69324. Statements: All cars are cats. All fans are cats. Conclusions: All cars are fans Some fans are cars.

69325. Voyage Account is ----------account

69326. Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: All branches are leaves. All leaves are branches. All flowers are branches. Some leaves are branches.

69327. Statements: Some bags are pockets. No pocket is a pouch. Conclusions: No bag is a pouch. Some bags are not pouches. Some pockets are bags. No pocket is a bag,

69328. Statements: All aeroplanes are trains. Some trains are chairs. Conclusions: Some aeroplanes are chairs. Some chairs are aeroplanes. Some chairs are trains. Some trains are aeroplanes.

69329. Statements: All politicians are honest. All honest are fair. Conclusions: Some honest are politicians. No honest is politician. Some fair are politicians. All fair are politicians.

69330. Statements: Some clothes are marbles. Some marbles are bags. Conclusions: No cloth is a bag. All marbles are bags. Some bags are clothes. No marble is a cloth.

69331. In self balancing Bought Ledger Adjustment Account is opened in -------

69332. Manufacturing Account is prepared to find out----------

69333. The amount paid to an author for the use of copy right is called--------

69334. -----------refer to the amount spent on fuel,coal,diesel and freshwater used for the purpose of voyage.

69335. Where the loss of an asset has been identified by the bank,but the amount has not been written off wholly or partly is known as------------

69336. Statements: Some tables are TVs. Some TVs are radios. Conclusions: Some tables are radios. Some radios are tables. All radios are TVs. All TVs are tables.

69337. Statements: All terrorists are guilty. All terrorists are criminals. Conclusions: Either all criminals are guilty or all guilty are criminals. Some guilty persons are criminals. Generally criminals are guilty. Crime and guilt go together.

69338. Statements: Some books are pens. No pen is pencil. Conclusions: Some pens are books. Some pencils are books. Some books are not pencils. All pencils are books.

69339. Statements: Some bottles are drinks. All drinks are cups. Conclusions: Some bottles are cups. Some cups are drinks. All drinks are bottles. All cups are drinks.

69340. Statements: Some houses are offices. Some offices are schools. Conclusions: Some schools are houses. Some offices are houses. No house is school. Some schools are offices.

69341. Under inflationary condition -----method will show highest value of closing stock.

69342. Anil drew a bill on Binil for Rs.30,000 for three months.Proceeds are to be shared equally.A got the bill discounted @12% per annum and remits the required proceeds to ‘B’ The amount of such remittance will be------

69343. During the year 2013 a business concern earned a net profit of Rs.42,The manager is entitled to a commission of 5% of the net profit.Find the amount of the commission so charge

69344. Valuation and presentation of inventories is:

69345. Accounting principles are based on ------------

69346. Statements: Some taxis have horns. Some taxis have lights. Conclusions: Every taxi has either horn or light. Some taxis have neither light nor horn. Some taxis have horns as well as lights. No taxi has horn as well as light.

69347. Statements: All fruits are vegetables. All pens are vegetables. All vegetables are rains. Conclusions: All fruits are rains. All pens are rains. Some rains are vegetables.

69348. Statements: Some towels are brushes. No brush is soap. All soaps are rats. Conclusions: Some rats are brushes. No rat is brush. Some towels are soaps.

69349. Statements: Some pictures are frames. Some frames are idols. All idols are curtains. Conclusions: Some curtains are pictures. Some curtains are frames. Some idols are frames.

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