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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1524

76201. Fungi in the division Deuteromycota are characterized by the fact that

76202. Why are slime molds considered to resemble plants?

76203. The most significant reason why fungi are not in the kingdom Plantae is that fungi

76204. __________ produce ascospores in an ascus.

76205. Ecologically fungi are important because

76206. The basidiomycetes include plant parasites that can cause

76207. A mutualistic association made up of a fungus and a cyanobacterium is called

76208. The thallus of a mold consists of

76209. __________ produce zygospores.

76210. Which of the following is/are the sexual spore?

76211. Mushrooms are classified in which of the following division?

76212. Name the asexual spore(s)?

76213. Water molds form flagellated spores are called

76214. The Acrasiomycota differ from the Myxomycota

76215. Ergotism is responsible for all of the following except

76216. Molds are considered as

76217. Yeasts may undergo

76218. Fungi are important in the production of all of the following commercial products except

76219. Which of the following is not a member of the division Ascomycota?

76220. Which of the following divisions of fungi produce uniflagellated zoospores?

76221. The number of nuclei per cell in a dikaryotic cell

76222. Fungi differ from the other eukaryotic microbes in having

76223. Mycorrhizae are mutualistic associations between fungi and

76224. Capital of Norway:

76225. The organism that starts out as amoeboid, phagocytic cells and converts to a sluglike pseudoplasmodium that migrates prior to development of a sorocarp belongs to which division?

76226. Fungi are generally not

76227. The hyphae of mold are

76228. The amount of chitin in the cell walls of the Plasmodium

76229. Which of the following structures would not be associated with fungi?

76230. Achlorophyllous means

76231. An organism in the Deuteromycota has all the following except

76232. Anaerobic degradation of proteins brought about by bacteria and fungi give the products like

76233. The terms mycelium and hyphae are associated with

76234. A mycelium describes

76235. Yeast play an important role in the alcohol industry, converting pyruvic acid into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol by the process of

76236. Ascospores located in asci are found in

76237. The evolutionary record suggests that the first occurrence of multicellularity was in the kingdom

76238. The number of sets of chromosomes in a dikaryotic cell

76239. Slime molds differ from the moldy fungi

76240. Which spore is on a club and results from the fusion of two nuclei from different strains of the same fungi?

76241. The bread mold Rhizopus stolonifer belongs to which of the following fungal divisions?

76242. International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on:

76243. How many Grama Panchayath are there in kerala?

76244. The book’Against Lord and State’was written by:

76245. The Organization Samatva Samaj was founded by:

76246. In which year social reformer Ayyankali was born:

76247. Implicit factors

76248. Lag phase is also known as

76249. Which of the following is used to grow bacterial cultures continuously?

76250. A microbe, which grows at temperatures above 95° C is most likely to be

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