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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1561

78051. IF a six nos of lamps are to be installed in Godown wiring we require:

78052. In small capacity DC machines the yoke is made up of:

78053. Soldering is done on joints to improve:

78054. Short circuited field coils are located effectively by the use of a:

78055. The body resistance value of a human being with normal health is about:

78056. One lamp cab be controlled from five location by using intermediate switches and two way switches .How many number of intermediate switches and two switches are require to control a lamp from 5 positions?

78057. What happen if the output filter capacitor is opened in a battery charger?

78058. The metal used for the control spring in an electrical instrument is:

78059. In a slip ring induction motor slip rings are connected to the:

78060. Which motor is used for electric traction?

78061. How many slip rings are there in a slip ring induction motor?

78062. The stator winding of a 3 slip ring induction motor has 4 poles ,How many number of poles in the rotor winding?

78063. Which type of capacitor is used in single phase capacitor type motor?

78064. Who won the Pulitzer Prize on Poetry in 2014?

78065. Whose goal is selected goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil?

78066. Which countries share border with’Gaza’?

78067. Overall GDP growth of India during 2013-2014:

78068. Who is known as”Vidhyadhiraja”?

78069. The background of the novel “The Kite Runner”took place in which country?

78070. Venue of the Samadhi of Sree Narayana Guru:

78071. The Wagon tragedy was related to:

78072. Spiritual father of Indian national Movement:

78073. Which neighbouring country sharing longest boundary with India?

78074. World Health Organization warns against new epidemic broke out at West Africa in 2014:

78075. The author of the Sree Buddha Charitham:

78076. The period of 11th five year plan:

78077. Gandhiji entered Indian Politics in connection with:

78078. India govt plan to construct new corridor for high speed train with speed range 300-350 kmph.What is the present maximum speed of long distance train in India?

78079. Who presided the Congress Session held at Belgram in 1924?

78080. One of the conditions required for maintaining National Party Status is among three states a party should win at least:

78081. Which river is known as”Ganga of the South”?

78082. The Secret Code of Germany to attack Russia is second world war:

78083. The upper most solid layer of the earth:

78084. The melting point of aluminium is:

78085. Specific gravity of electrolyte is measured by:

78086. Find the square root of 15376:

78087. Which type of drawing sheet having biggest area?

78088. What is the potential energy in a body,mass 5 kg on top of a pole 20 m high?

78089. Which is the example of mandatory sign?

78090. The unit of quantity of electricity is:

78091. What is the value of medium resistance based on its ohmic values?

78092. Which tool is used to measure the size of the conductor?

78093. In which classification of accessories,the switch will belong?

78094. What is the name of defect occurred in a cell,due to the presence of impurities on the zinc plate?

78095. The mass of a substance liberated from an electrolyte by one coulomb of electricity is termed as:

78096. What is the method of charging the battery at very low rate?

78097. The distance between two adjacent teeth of hacksaw blades are called:

78098. Which substance is diamagnetic?

78099. Tesla is the unit of:

78100. Which type of DC generator is used for welding generator sets?

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