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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1560

78001. The reactance of a 2H choke coil at 100 Hz is:

78002. The path of the magnetic flux in a transformer has:

78003. The instrument used for measuring a resistance of 100MOhm is:

78004. Which of the following meters has the best accuracy?

78005. The frequency generated by a 8 pole alternator rotating at 600 rpm will be:

78006. As compared to an amplifier ,a transformer cannot:

78007. Which of the following is known as metal rectifier:

78008. Choose the figure which is different from the rest.   (1)     (2)     (3)     (4)     (5)

78009. A single machine which can generate AC or DC as well as AC and DC both is called:

78010. The commercial unit of Electical energy is:

78011. How many number of positive and negative plates are places in a 9 plate lead acid cell?

78012. The unit of resistivity is:

78013. The resistance of a perfect insulator is:

78014. The form factor is the ratio of:

78015. Unit of flux density:

78016. The basic principle of electromagnetic induction is:

78017. Which one of the following in which instruments is used for measuring specific gravity?

78018. Electrolyte used in nickel iron cell is:

78019. A semiconductor in it’s purest form is known as:

78020. For a silicon PN Junction the barrier potential is about”

78021. The minimum number of diodes needed for a bridge rectifier is:

78022. The insulating material belongs to class B insulation is:

78023. The unit of self induction is:

78024. 3 phase star connection:

78025. Hysteresis is the phenomenon of--------------in a magnetic circuit.

78026. The maximum current that can pass through a 2 Ohm 2 watts resister will be:

78027. The insulation resistance of an electrical machine working at medium voltage should not be less than

78028. Distribution transformer are designed to have maximum efficiency nearly:

78029. To a condenser AC supply is given:

78030. In which type of DC Motor,Two point starter is used?

78031. What is the SWG of copper earth conductor if the maximum circuit current is 15?

78032. What is the effect of single phasing in three phase induction motor?

78033. What will happen to the universal motor when it is started without load?

78034. Among the following which device cannot be used as a safety device?

78035. Which type of DC generator is used for battery charging?

78036. What is the thickness of copper plate used for earth electode?

78037. The core loss in a transformer is constant during:

78038. The equivalent resistance of the parallel circuit is than the smallest single resistance:

78039. Which is the working principle of an instrument transformer?

78040. Switch board is fixed at a height of as per IE rules.

78041. The rating of fuse is expressed In terms of:

78042. A lead acid cell is rechargeable because:

78043. Breather De-hydrating material

78044. Instruments which must not be used in the circuit when the power is ON are:

78045. Which of the following can be called as integrating instrument?

78046. Buchholz’s relay is:

78047. Capacitance is not affected by:

78048. The back emf of a DC motor depends on the:

78049. The flux of a DC motor approaches zero,its speed will approaches:

78050. In Scott connections the teaser transformer has tapping on:

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