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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1572

78601. A contract without consideration is:

78602. A minor’s contract was held to be void in the case:

78603. Section 13(f)of the Indian Partnership Act provides for:

78604. When goods are displayed in a shop window with price tags attached to them,it amounts to:

78605. The damages under Section 73 of the Indian Contract Act are:

78606. Which Section of the Indian Contract Act,deals with agreement in restraints of legal proceedings?

78607. A partner has no implied authority:

78608. Where one of the parties is under a mistake as to matter of fact,the contract is?

78609. A property belonging to a partner on entering into a partnership and used for the purposes of partnership

78610. Section 40 of Indian Partnership Act provides for:

78611. Which one of the following does not amount to fraud?

78612. Which one of the following is a contract?

78613. The liability of a partner:

78614. The concept of basic,structure was adopted from the Constitution of:

78615. Two provisions in the Indian Constitution that are connected to the right to education are:

78616. Which of the following is not specifically mentioned as eligible for appointment as judge of the Supreme Court under Article 124?

78617. In one of the following cases Mr.Vajpayee,before he became the Prime Minister of India,was a respondent.The case was:

78618. In R.Cooper V.Union of India,the Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional one of the following Constitution(Amendment)Acts,which is:

78619. What is the maximum age fixed by the Food Security Act for providing nutritional entitlements to children of school –going age?

78620. The Maximum number of Judicial Members excluding the Chairperson Green Tribunal is:

78621. Any man who follows a woman and contacts repeatedly despite a clear indication of disinterest by such woman is punishable under Section 354D of the Indian Penal code for the offence of:

78622. Disbursement of wages of a worker under the National Rural Employment Guarntee Act has to be made on:

78623. The Wild Life Protection Act was enacted in the year:

78624. The leader of ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’agitation is:

78625. The headquarters of International Court of Justice is at:

78626. GSAT-14 successfully launched from Sriharikotta on

78627. The most important event related to Malabar Rebellion is

78628. The fourth all Kerala political conference held at Payyannur presided over by:

78629. Which among the following is ‘World Cancer Day’?

78630. ’Vishakanyaka’is the work of:

78631. The credit for taking the first tangible step towards the introduction and diffusion of Western Education goes to:

78632. Sree Narayana Guru conducted an uncompromising crusade against:

78633. Which among the following Gandhiji called”a miracle of modern times”?

78634. Full form of OSI:

78635. Delivery of sequence of packets are done at:

78636. What is FCC?

78637. Full form of SONET:

78638. What is DBS?

78639. Heavy duty coaxial cables are called:

78640. IEEE 11 is standard for:

78641. Which is best suited for ALOHA?

78642. Point to point transmission with one sender and one receiver is called as

78643. POP serves for:

78644. Best name for a junction that allows one to enter in to network or to exit out of the network:

78645. A node on a network cab be:

78646. Which of the following devices will increase the band width and separating collision domains?

78647. Repeater operates on:

78648. IPv.6 address space:

78649. Address 23 belongs to which class:

78650. The host id of the address 4 is:

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