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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1607

80351. In which part of a transformer hysteresis loss will occur?

80352. The standard secondary rated voltage of a potential transformer is:

80353. The direction of rotation of stator magnetic field depends up on:

80354. When speed of induction motor increases the rotor frequency will?

80355. Inching operation is also called as:

80356. How many contactors are there in a fully automatic star delta starter?

80357. The device used to store electrical energy in the form of electro static energy is:

80358. The type of capacitor used in capacitor start motor is:

80359. Universal motor is used in:

80360. The unit of sensitivity of meter is:

80361. Control spring used in an instrument is made from:

80362. The unit of luminous flux is:

80363. In the following which is not a passive component?

80364. Who has won the first ‘Swathi Award’?

80365. What is the abbreviation of PILC cable?

80366. The size of the ceiling fan is generally expressed by its:

80367. Line insulators are made from:

80368. Which of the following fire extinguisher is suitable for a live electrical fire?

80369. The pliers used to make wire hooks and loops is:

80370. When temperature of carbon increases,its resistance?

80371. The specification of a given screwdriver is (75 mm x 4 mm x 5 mm)4 mm stands for.

80372. The unit of Specific resistance is:

80373. The unit of dielectric strength is:

80374. Three 30 ohms resistors are connected in parallel.The effective resistance of the combination will be:

80375. Three resistors 27 ohms,47 ohms and 68 ohms are connected in parallel.What is the total resistnace?

80376. The type of watt meter suitable to measure DC power is:

80377. Alathur Sidhasramam was founded by:

80378. Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha was founded by:

80379. ’Misrabhojanam’or interding was a method introduced by:

80380. The ‘Ezhava Memorial’was prepared under the leadership of:

80381. The play ‘Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku’exposed the condition of women among

80382. The present Vice Chairman of ‘Niti Ayog’

80383. Vyapam Scam is an admission and recruitment scam in the state of-------------------

80384. The Copa America Football tournament 2015 was held in:

80385. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking belonged to:

80386. The 2014 Nobel Prize for literature was won by:

80387. When the time in India is 30 AM,the time of Sri Lanka is?

80388. The number of Union Territories in Indi:

80389. Which of the following states have no coastline?

80390. 14th Indian Census conducted in the year:

80391. Who is known as the ‘Grand Old Man of India’?

80392. ’Discovery of India’is authored by:

80393. The first women president of Indian National Congress:

80394. The historic ‘Dandi March’was in connection with:

80395. Which among the following is an east-flowing river in Kerala?

80396. The Ezhimala Naval Academy is located in the district of:

80397. Who shifted Hussur Kachery from Quilon to Trivandrum?

80398. Which of the following is not a seed-borne disease?

80399. Who among the following commanded the American force during American war of Independence?

80400. Cinnabar is an ore of?

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