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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1635

81751. Five years ago today, I am sitting in a small Japanese car, driving across Poland towards Berlin.

81752. I took the cycle which he bought yesterday.

81753. Please make it a point to send you letter at my address.

81754. If you are living near a market place you should be ready to bear the disturbances caused by traffic.

81755. I hope you won't object to me watching while you work.

81756. You cannot forbid him leaving.

81757. You have come here with a view to insult me.

81758. 20 kms are not a great distance in these days of fast moving vehicles.

81759. The more they earn, more they spend.

81760. It became clear that the strangers were heading into a serious disaster.

81761. The dissidents hold a great problem in every political party.

81762. I would have waited for you at the station if I knew that you would come.

81763. They are social insects, living in communities, regulated by definite laws, each member of society bearing well-defined and separate part in the work of a colony.

81764. Practically every part of the banana tree is used by man.

81765. My opinion for the film is that it will bag the national ward.

81766. The end of the examinations is (an) oppurtunity for celebrating.

81767. We were not the wiser for all this effort to explain the case to us.

81768. Whenever my students come across new words, I ask them to look for them in the dictionary.

81769. We look forward to hear from you.

81770. It was indeed a shock for her, but she has later recovered from it.

81771. Realising is the significance of technical education for developing country, the government laid aside a large sum on it during the last plan-period.

81772. If you are not clear about the meaning of a word, it is wise to look to a dictionary.

81773. You are warned against committing the same mistake again.

81774. No sooner he had returned home then his mother felt happy.

81775. He should move on to the next point, and not harp one sting only.

81776. Either he or I am going.

81777. I hope you vividly remember the premier of the film when I, my wife and you were present in the hall.

81778. To get one's name in the Rowland Ward's book of hunting records was the hot ambition of every serious hunter.

81779. Taxpayers are to be conscious of their privileges.

81780. As she was suffering from high fever, she could not face the examination.

81781. The demonstration passed off peacefully.

81782. Every time I go in a lift to my sixth floor apartment, I remember the calm and serenity of my ancestral home in the village.

81783. In fact, if it hadn't been for his invaluable advice on so many occasions I wouldn't have achieved anything in life.

81784. Mr. Smith arrived at India in June last year.

81785. But in all these cases conversion from scale have well-formulated.

81786. With a thundering roar the huge rocket soared up from the launching pad.

81787. There is dearth of woman doctor in our state. We shall have to recruit some from the other states.

81788. If you cross the line you will be disqualified.

81789. Why the dinosaurs died out is not known.

81790. Rudradaman was one of the greatest?

81791. I will not go to school, if it shall rain tomorrow.

81792. If I stood alone in defence of truth, and the whole world is banded against me and against truth. I would fight them all.

81793. He has not and can never be in the good books of his employer because he lacks honesty.

81794. When the examinations were over Anil and me went to our native town.

81795. Our office clock is not so correct as it should be it is usually five minutes fast.

81796. The cloud of misfortunes appears to have blown out.

81797. While we would like that all Indian Children to go to school, we need to ponder why they do not.

81798. In India today many of our intellectuals still talk in terms of the French Revolution and the Rights of Man, not appreciating that much has happened since then.

81799. I shall be grateful to you if you are of help to me now.

81800. The logic of Berlin wall already had been undermined but when the news came through that the wall itself had been opened I jumped into a car.

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