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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1666

83301. Balban’s greatest achievement was?

83302. Which is the most abundant gas in sun?

83303. Who is the writer of the book ‘A conceptual encyclopaedia of Guru Granth Sahib’?

83304. Dr. Manmohan Singh was given a warm welcome on his .........?

83305. Who is the author of Thathwamasi?

83306. The great Royal Road mentioned by Megasthenese ran from?

83307. The Pallivasal project was constructed in the river?

83308. Tansen, the greatest musician of Akbar's court, belonged to?

83309. Which creature has its heart in its head?

83310. Formosa is the old name of?

83311. Crusades were conducted by European Christians to liberate Jerusalem from the domination of?

83312. Opium war was fought between?

83313. The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into?

83314. The Vice President of the Constituent Assembly was?

83315. An object in earth has maximum weight at?

83316. First Metal used by man?

83317. If resistance comes in between effort and fulcrum then such levers are called?

83318. ......... commanded the American forces during American War of Independence?

83319. Nehru award is instituted for?

83320. When was ‘Saraswathi Samman’ come to being?

83321. The Gandhi-Irwin Pact proclaimed the suspension of?

83322. Who among the following was against Buddha’s religion?

83323. Egyptian king were known as?

83324. The plant used in space vehicles to maintain the level of oxygen?

83325. Who among the following were popularly known as Red Shirts?

83326. Which is the storage area for e-mail messages called?

83327. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at?

83328. Who among the following started the Bhudan Movement?

83329. Take an umbrella in case ..........?

83330. The third Sangam was held at?

83331. Who discovered Monsoon winds in 45 A.D.?

83332. Gautama Buddha was brought up by?

83333. ‘Freedom of the press’ is guaranteed under article?

83334. Maximum number of Minister in State including Chief Minister, should be?

83335. The Monsoon which brings rains in Kerala during the period October-November is called?

83336. Which is the bird that eats stones?

83337. Who was the foreunner of the Indian Economic Planning?

83338. Paddy belongs to which family?

83339. Diego Garcia is an Island in the .........?

83340. According to the Chiness chronicleres, Kushans were known as :?

83341. Every thing depends on ......... receiving the reply in time.?

83342. The Italian travller, who left very praiseworthy account of the Vijayanagar Empire was,?

83343. Waves used for telecommunication are?

83344. The maximum number of Wards in a Grama Panchyath?

83345. Use the correct tense forms. I would rather ......... a cup of tea.?

83346. The famous book ‘Pamela’ is written by?

83347. The loss of fertile top soil is known as?

83348. Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the people to ......... the cruelties of the British Authorities.?

83349. Rewrite as directed:Amy and her brother Tom are known for their ‘tall talk’. (The idiom means)?

83350. If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

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