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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 172

8601. The first transgenic plants expressing engineered foreign genes were tobacco plants produced by the use of

8602. Transgenic plants

8603. Low temperatures induce the expression of many cold-induced genes. Transgenic plants with improved cold tolerance have been produced by

8604. Nitrilase is encoded by

8605. If the goal were to create a plant resistant to an insecticide, which cell-based plant technology would be most effective?

8606. What are the various disadvantages of cross protection?

8607. Which of the following gene is transferred to plants that detoxify the herbicide atrazine?

8608. Which of the following self-pollinating plant/(s) tend to be homozygous?

8609. Which cell-based plant technology involves the combining of two cells without cell walls from different species?

8610. A naturally occurring variant, possessing characteristics of interest, is identified. This plant is selectively bred. This is an example of

8611. Which of the following dies from Ti plasmid infection?

8612. Which of the following genes can be used for making resistances against viral infection?

8613. Which of the following has been widely used to provide resistance against plant viruses?

8614. Cross protection against viruses in transgenic plants can be obtained by

8615. Bruise resistant tomatoes have been developed by the expression of antisense RNA against

8616. Which cell-based technology endows a cell with increased ability to harness energy?

8617. The first field tests were conducted with which of the following genetically altered organism?

8618. The delayed ripening tomato was created by a biotechnologist who __________ a gene.

8619. Antisense technology

8620. Antisense transgenic plants produced fruit that softened

8621. Insect resistance in the transgenic plant has been achieved by

8622. കേരളത്തിൽ ഏറ്റവും കൂടുതൽ സാക്ഷരതയുള്ള ജില്ല? [Keralatthil ettavum kooduthal saaksharathayulla jilla?]

8623. Resistance to L-phosphinothrium in tobacco plants is developed by the transfer of

8624. A __________ is a small laboratory set up to simulate conditions of a particular environment.

8625. The roots of a plant are converted into drug-producing structures in a process called

8626. ACC demainase gene is responsible for

8627. Two genes from a bacterium (Alcaligenes eutrophus) and a cotton gene produce

8628. Resistance to glyphosphate in transgenic petunia plants has been developed by the transfer of

8629. Which of the following compounds has been produced in transgenic plants to improve tolerance to salt stress and water deficit?

8630. Expression of antisense RNA in transgenic plants is a general method used to

8631. Tomatoes exhibiting delayed ripening express antisense RNA against

8632. Given the DNA sequence ATTAAGGC, which sequence would be used by researchers as an antisense molecule?

8633. Which of the following gene detoxify herbicide bronoxynil?

8634. For developing herbicide resistance in transgenic plants which of the following approach/(es) is/are used?

8635. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a transgenic crop?

8636. Phosphinothricin acetyl transferase is encoded by

8637. Reducing the expression of pectin methylesterase (PME) has resulted in

8638. Resistance to sulphonyl urea compounds in transgenic tobacco plant has been developed by the transfer of

8639. In transgenic plants that have been manipulated to express patho-genesis-related (PR) proteins all the time it has been shown that

8640. In a __________ protocol, bacteria with engineered abilities to detoxify pollutants are intentionally released in an area.

8641. The controversy regarding the use of Bt corn is that it

8642. Metabolic interference is a term used to describe a method to metabolize a compound and prevent the synthesis of something that is normally produced. What compound(s) have been targeted for metabolic interference in tomato?

8643. Starch content of potatoes can be increased by using a bacterial gene, known as

8644. Which tropical fruit crop has been successfully engineered to be protected against a lethal virus?

8645. Who amongst the following gave the concept of PURA (Providing Urban facilities in Rural Areas) ?

8646. The higher rate of growth of economy certainly reduces the—

8647. Bharat Nirman does not cover which of the following areas ?

8648. Which of the following committees has given its recommendations on ‘Financial Inclusion’ ?

8649. Which of the following services provided by a bank in India is not liable for Service Tax as per existing laws ?

8650. The cohesion-tension theory of water movement helps to explain how water moves from soil into root?

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