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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1765

88251. Select the ore of Aluminum given below?

88252. Saving is a function of?

88253. In which year; the newspaper Sujananandini was started?

88254. Jai Bhagawan is related to which among the following sports?

88255. The author of Mokshapradipam was?

88256. Vaikunda Swami was also known as?

88257. Chattampi Swamikal attained Samadhi at?

88258. The newspaper Sujananandini was started by Kesavan Asanfrom?

88259. The famous pilgrim centre of Vaikam is situated on the banks of?

88260. The length of river Chaliyar is?

88261. The height of Agastyakutam, the southernmost peak in westernghats?

88262. Name of Japanese Emperor who paid an official visit to India recently?

88263. ‘Beyond the Horizon’ has been written by?

88264. Which of the following forts was not built by the portuguese?

88265. 11th Indo ASEAN summit held at?

88266. Mars Orbiter Mission launched earth's orbit on?

88267. Who, amongst the following sons of Emperor Jahangir, was married to the daughter of Nur Jahan (by Sher Afghan)?

88268. Who has become the Brand Ambassador of UNICEF for South Asia?

88269. Name of the World Chess Champion of2013?

88270. 1stWoman Managing Director of LIC?

88271. Who is the first sports person in India has got Bharatratna, the highest civilian award?

88272. Simlipal Biosphere reserve situated in?

88273. The sugar present in honey is?

88274. 'Regur Soil' is another name for the?

88275. An element found in all organic compounds is?

88276. All India Trade Union Congress was formed in 1920 at?

88277. Indian Association was founded in?

88278. Who was the founder of Ahmadia movement?

88279. Indian Council Act was passed in?

88280. Right to Property is now as?

88281. The UPSC submits its annual reports to?

88282. Who commended in the Constitutional Assembly that the Directive Principles of State Policy is "like a cheque payable at the convenience of bank"?

88283. The tenure of Estimate Committee of Lok Sabha is?

88284. The theory of basic structure of the constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in?

88285. The minimum / maximum strength of a Legislative Assembly of a state is?

88286. Provide suitable prepositions: He is conversant ......... grammar .?

88287. Which, Article provides the President of India to grand pardons?

88288. Concurrent list ,in the Indian Constitution is taken from the Constitution of?

88289. 80th Amendment of the Indian Constitution provides for?

88290. . was launched on 2nd October 1993 with the objective of empowering the rural women through building thrift habit, self reliance and confidence?

88291. . is a local language enabled workflow based transaction level Management Infomation System in place to facilitate e-governance of Indira Awaas Yojana?

88292. The basic objective of the is to improve the quality of life of people and overall habitat in the rural areas?

88293. is the first scheme of its kind meant exclusively for slum dwellers with a Government of India subsidy of 50 percent?

88294. is the focal point for the delivery of services at community levels to children below six years of age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescent girls?

88295. Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different protocols?

88296. A collection of four bits is called?

88297. The Walkie Talkie is an example of which mode of communication?

88298. A device that combines data from multiple computers and load them on a common communication channel is?

88299. In the e-mail address [email protected], 'vms' is the?

88300. is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are undesirable by a person?

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