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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1786

89301. Which one of the following is NOT a principle of "Panch Sheel"?

89302. When was the first Winter Olympics held?

89303. Which treaty provides for a common currency for 15 membercountries of European Community?

89304. 'Mercosur' (Southern Common Market) consists of group of countries of?

89305. The Arab Petroleum exporting countries have formed a trade association in 1968 is known, as?

89306. Which of'.the following countries has been admitted as the new member of G-15?

89307. Who is the founder of the organisation 'Red Cross'?

89308. 'INTERPOL'is an international police organisation. Which of the following is applicable to it?

89309. The headquarters of NATOwhich was formed on 4th April, 1949 is at _?

89310. The headquarters of the European Union (EU) which came into being on Nov. 1, 1993, under the Maastricht Treaty, is at?

89311. Which of the following are members of the NATO?

89312. Which of the following countries has opted out of the European Union?

89313. Which is the only Asian country represented in the G-B group?

89314. India is NOT a member of?

89315. Which one of the following countries is a member of NAFTA?

89316. The Headquarters of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is located at?

89317. Where is the Headquarters of World Intellectual property Organization?

89318. Where is the Headquarters of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is located?

89319. Indian-born scientist, Subramaniam Chandrasekhar (who died in 1995) had won the Nobel Prize for his work in the area of?

89320. Who amongst the following won a Nobel Prize for Literature When he. was the head of a government?

89321. Who was the first 'Bharat Ratna' awardee to be elected President of India?

89322. Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta who shared the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize are known for their work for the cause of?

89323. Who received the first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 1991-92 in 1992?

89324. Which of the following awards are mismatched?

89325. Polar music award is given by the govemment of?

89326. 'Dhanwantari Award' is given in which of the following areas?

89327. Who amongst the following was conferred with Pakistan's highest civilian award Nishan-e-Pakistan?

89328. Prem Bhatia Award is associated with?

89329. Which one of the following is NOT a correct combination?

89330. Who is the first Indian won the BAFTA film award?

89331. In 2008, noted Indian author Aravind Adiga was awarded the 2008 Booker Prize for which of the following books?

89332. Highest decoration for valour and sacrifice in Indian forces is?

89333. The first Netaji Award announced in 2007 was to?

89334. The first music artist who received Bharat Ratna was?

89335. World Red Cross day?

89336. The Nobel Prize. was given for the first time. in the year?

89337. The first Indian to get the Oscar Award was?

89338. Which pair is NOT correctly matched?

89339. The Nobel Prize winner from Pakistan was?

89340. Name the Indian-born scientist who won the Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine for the interpretation of genetic code?

89341. Rabindranath Tagore received the Nobel Prize for his work?

89342. Who among the following received the Nobel Prize twice in the same subject?

89343. Who among the following received the Nobel Prize-twice in different subjects?

89344. Who was the first Indian to receive the World Food prize?

89345. Arrange the following in descending chronological order based on the year they received the Nobel Prize? I. Mother Teresa II. Rabindranath Tagore III. Dr. C.V. Raman IV. S. Chandrasekhar V. Hargobind Khorana VI. Amartya Sen Select the correct answer?

89346. Who among the following was the first Indian to receive the Templeton Award?

89347. In which of the following fields have Indians been honoured twice with the Nobel Prize?

89348. The period of which of the following plans recorded the lowest annual growth rate of national income?

89349. Which country awards the Nobel Prize?

89350. On which date Nobel Prize is awarded?

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