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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1808

90401. Who was the first ruler to annex any part of the Deccan to the Mughal empire?

90402. Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur sikri was built by Akbar to commemorate?

90403. Who, among the following, is most famous for building a large number of canals for irrigation?

90404. Who, among the following is most famous for building roads?

90405. Who was the courtesan who became a Buddhist nun under the influence of Gautama Buddha?

90406. Who introduced the Mansabdari system?

90407. The Chola Age was most famous for?

90408. Akbar's objective in promulgating Din-i-Ilahi was to?

90409. Who, among the following, conquered a large part of China?

90410. The term Vrajapati, used in the Vedic literature, denoted?

90411. Which one of the following works of Kalidasa has a Sunga king as its hero?

90412. The first place among poets of Emperor Akbar's reign, both Hindi and Persian, belongs to?

90413. The Mughals had also a post of an Auditor General and the designation was?

90414. The Maratha movement developed into a challenging power under Shivaji during the reign of?

90415. When offered the choice between death and conversion by Aurangzeb, who chose the former and was executed?

90416. Where did the English East India Company set up its first factory in India during the reign of Jahangir?

90417. Who, amongst the following after marriage, became known as Nur Jahan, wife of Emperor Jahangir?

90418. Who, amongst the following after marriage, became known as Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of Shah Jahan?

90419. The most eminent writer (Persian) of Akbar's reign was?

90420. According to the Chinesse chroniclers, Kushans were known as?

90421. In the Vedic society the term used to denote a group of families was?

90422. Which one of the following was an important port on the eastern coast during the Gupta period?

90423. Mention the importance of the year 1858 in Indian History?

90424. The Iranian ruler who penetrated into north-west India and annexed Punjab in 516 B.C. was?

90425. The oldest inscriptions deciphered so far are those?

90426. The Aryans domesticated the 1) cow 2) horse 3) . sheep 3) goat?

90427. Mughal art was known as Miniature paintings because?

90428. Babar won the Battle of Panipat mainly because of?

90429. Saranjami system was an important feature of the?

90430. Who took an active part in the impeachment of Warren Hastings?

90431. The Bahmani Kingdom in the Deccan came into existence during the region of?

90432. Shivaji built his first fort at?

90433. Which of the following statements is not true of Nana Phadnavis?

90434. Who was the last Hindu king of Delhi?

90435. Who, amongst the following, lost his kingdom in Hindustan but retrieved it after about 15 years in exile?

90436. The Satavahana king, who defeated the Western Saka king, Nahapana, was?

90437. Who, amongst the following Italian travellers, left a very praiseworthy account of the Vijayanagar empire?

90438. Name the Muslim ruler who captured Dindigul Fort?

90439. The extent of the country as reflected in the hymns of Rigveda covers?

90440. Alexander's invasion of India?

90441. Akbar took various steps for pleasing the Hindus. Which of the following impressed them most?

90442. The nimbus formed a special feature of Mughal portraiture under?

90443. What was the consequence of the 'Battle of Plassey'?

90444. The term Khalisa in Mughal administration signified the?

90445. Which important event immediately preceded the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

90446. The first Mughal building with complete marble facing was?

90447. The fiscal sources of Akbar's empire were divided into two main divisions-central and local. The most lucrative and important source of revenue was?

90448. Who, amongst the following, took away to Persia the 'Peacock Throne' of Shah Jahan in the first half of 18th Century?

90449. Who, amongst the following Generals or Commanders, carried out coup d'etat against Jahangir in 1626?

90450. Who, amongst the following Sikh Gurus, was tortured to death by Jahangir on a charge of treason?

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