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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1834

91701. Titan, the largest Moon in the Solar System, is also the largest Moon of?

91702. What name is given to the path of the Sun amongst the stars in our galaxy?

91703. The visible part of the Sun is called?

91704. When and by whom were the rings of Saturn discovered?

91705. In the sixteenth century, the king of Denmark built for the use of a famous scientist, the finest observatory in the world on an island near Copenhagen and called it the City of the Heavens. Who was this scientist?

91706. The Sun shines vertically on the Equator?

91707. .The speed per minute at which the Earth revolves round the Sun is?

91708. 'The Earth's annual circuit round the Sun covers a distance of?

91709. Even though Pluto is usually the farthest planet, its path is highly elliptical, crossing inside the path of some other planets. As a result, for a period of twenty years from I 979, the farthest planet is not Pluto, but?

91710. Which of the following is the brightest star in our Solar System?

91711. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is greatest during?

91712. Which is the brightest planet as seen from the Earth?

91713. The time taken by the Uranus to revolve round the Sun is approximately?

91714. Which star is brighter than Sun?

91715. How much time is required for the sunlight to reach the Earth?

91716. Which planet was first found in space?

91717. Which of the following is responsible for life on the Earth?

91718. The Moon has no atmosphere because

91719. Once in how many years calendars will be alike?

91720. Which planet has a lot of satellites?

91721. When does Solar Eclipse take place?

91722. Who discovered the earth's revolution?

91723. Who wrote "Life on Mars"?

91724. Which planet can be seen only through a telescope?

91725. Where can you see the biggest telescope in Asia?

91726. Space Application Centre is in?

91727. When you go higher up in the atmosphere, the first layer of it is known as?

91728. The rotation of the Earth causes?

91729. The Theory of Expanding Universe was first propounded by'?

91730. Which one of the following planets has no Moon?

91731. Which is the farthest planet from the Sun among the following?

91732. The number of known satellites of Jupiter is?

91733. During Equinoxes, all places have equal?

91734. The Sun releases its energy due to?

91735. Master Control facility to track satellites in India is at?

91736. The gravitational pull on the Moon is?

91737. Can you see a star between the horns of a Crescent Moon?

91738. A simple instrument by which solar time (based on the Sun's motion) at any instant can be found by finding the position ..of shadow cast by a rod on a graduated plate is called?

91739. The time taken by the Earth to rotate once about its axis is called?

91740. The length of time between the rising and setting of the Sun at all places' on the Earth is?

91741. The time we follow in our watches is?

91742. On March 21 and September 23, the Sun crosses the equator. The two days are called?

91743. On June 22 and December 22, the Sun is away from the Earth; these two days are called?

91744. When it is spring in the Northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere it is?

91745. June 22, when the Sun is on the Tropic of Cancer, is the longest day. If it is, in the northern hemisphere it is?

91746. In the southern hemisphere, the hottest period is?

91747. The calendar is based on the?

91748. A century year is a leap year?

91749. Of 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 the leap year is?

91750. When the luminous Moon looks exactly like a semi-circle, she is said to be?

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