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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1835

91751. The planet Mars, where scientists now expect that life once upon a time existed: has?

91752. Celestial objects which look like hazy clouds are called?

91753. Scientists believe that the Universe is created by?

91754. There is evidence to believe that the Universe is?

91755. The innermost planet in the Solar System is?

91756. Giant stars, whose absolute magnitudes vary from -1 to -3, are called?

91757. On the day the Sun is nearest the Earth, the Earth is said to be in?

91758. The main source of energy of the Sun is?

91759. Who was the first to determine that the day on the Mars was like ours, roughly twenty-four hours long?

91760. Name the two planets lying between the Sun and the Earth?

91761. Which of the following planets takes the longest time to complete one revolution around the Sun?

91762. Which of the following planets takes the least time to complete one revolution around the Sun?

91763. Which of the following planets has almost the same mass, size and density as the Earth?

91764. Which planet was for the first time observed in 1930?

91765. Which of the following types of motion of the Earth has not produced any observable effect for centuries?

91766. All the planets, except one, in the Solar System rotate on their axes from west to east. Which is the exception?

91767. What percentage of the irregular surface of the Earth is covered with water?

91768. The three planets, farthest from the Sun in the ascending order of distance are?

91769. The maximum possible angle between the direction of Sun and that of a planet (as viewed from the Earth) is called?

91770. Which among the following stars flare up to greatly increased brightness and fade away after a short time?

91771. Who was the first to speculate that Venus is completely covered with clouds?

91772. Who was the first person to measure the size of another planet?

91773. "Galileo Satellites", named after their discoverer, are four large moons of the planet?

91774. The study of motion of which of the following planets around the Sun led Johannes Kepler to formulate his three laws about planetary motions?

91775. The number of constellations in the Milky Way Galaxy is?

91776. Which of the following planets reflects back to space the highest percentage of light it receives from the Sun compared to any other planet of the Solar System?

91777. All of the following planets have lesser diameter than the Earth, except?

91778. Who wrote the book "The Harmonies of the World"?

91779. The apparent motion of celestial objects like the stars, planets and satellites (as seen from the Earth) from east to west is?

91780. What will happen if the Earth were to stop its rotatory motion on its axis?

91781. Which of the following statements about the Sun in the celestial sphere or its role in the Solar System is not correct?

91782. Which of the following stars marks fairly precisely the position where the axis of rotation of the Earth cuts the celestial sphere?

91783. Which of the following makes the planet Saturn unique in the Solar family?

91784. Nearly what proportion of the total amount of Sun's energy coming to the Earth is directly reflected back into space by its top atmosphere?

91785. The Sun consists mostly of?

91786. The temperature at the surface of the Sun and its centre are, respectively, about '?

91787. Which of the following planets is farthest from the Sun?

91788. Which of the following planets is the biggest?

91789. Which of the following planets has only one natural satellite (or Moon) as the Earth has?

91790. Which of the following statements in regard to the planets of the Solar System is not correct?

91791. Jet engines are?

91792. Cotton fibre is made up of?

91793. The weight of a body is?

91794. The primary colours used in a colour T.V are?

91795. Heavy alcohol consuming people generally die of?

91796. Identify the man made element?

91797. Our earth while it revolves round the sun, moves in one hour, a distance of?

91798. SNDP yogam was founded in?

91799. In petrol, lead is not added nowadays. This is because?

91800. Which of the following contains nitrogen?

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