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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1838

91901. To prevent loss of weight, plants reduce transpiration by?

91902. Why is tungsten used in the manufacture of electric bulbs?

91903. A labourer doing heavy work requires about?

91904. In a normal human being how much time does food take to reach the end of the intestine for complete absorption?

91905. A fisherman on the bank of a pond is attempting to spear a Fish. He should?

91906. Aphasia is an ailment which affects?

91907. Which of the following is a mixture?

91908. Which of the following organs is used in the purification of blood in human body?

91909. The hardest variety of carbon is?

91910. Triple antigen provides immunity to children against all of the following diseases, except?

91911. Which sugar is obtained from grapes?

91912. Which of the following is not a contagious disease?

91913. Hard water becomes soft from temporary hardness when it is?

91914. When a man becomes very angry his heart beats faster- Why?

91915. Which one of the following will fall faster in vacuum?

91916. In a freezer, the cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of which of the following materials?

91917. In which form is the largest amount of energy received by the Earth from the Sun?

91918. How is an inverted picture produced?

91919. If a person is unable to see objects distinct}y at a distance greater than four meters, then he is affected by?

91920. How is rainbow formed?

91921. Which of the following exerts force on the ground when a bicycle is moving?

91922. Hardness of water is due to the soluble salts of?

91923. Which of the following mixtures is used in an electric bulb?

91924. What is the use of a photometer?

91925. Why are small liquid drops spherical in shape?

91926. The information retrieval in a magnetic tape is always?

91927. What is the use of a hygrometer?

91928. What is the gas that is used in an ice plant?

91929. Name the chemical used for removing air bubbles from glass during its manufacture?

91930. The drug which reduces Blood Pressure is obtained from?

91931. Name the instrument used for taking photograph in dark and fog?

91932. Which ray goes into iron?

91933. What does the nucleus of an atom has?

91934. What is the component ingredient of mothballs?

91935. The chemical name of table salt is?

91936. Which gas is used in a flying balloon?

91937. Which one of the following can be used for cleaning glass articles?

91938. What is the popular name for asphalt?

91939. What is the use of bone charcoal?

91940. Which is used as lotion for cleaning clocks?

91941. What is the chemical name for ordinary chalk?

91942. Which type of mirror is used by dentists to concentrate light on the tooth to be examined?

91943. Which is used for cutting glass?

91944. Any information that a user enters into a computer is called?

91945. Which colour absorbs very low heat?

91946. What is the principle of ultra-microscope?

91947. Gelatin is added to ice-cream to?

91948. Which one of the following is used to coat household articles?

91949. T.V. antennas are usually made up of?

91950. Which one of the following radioactive elements is used in heart pacemakers?

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