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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1973

98651. The Human Race of History is authored by .

98652. Which of the following book is written by Udamanyu Chatterjee ?

98653. The book titled A House for Mr Biswaas’ is written by ..

98654. The Discovery of India is penned by ..

98655. Which of the following book is written by Charles Dickens ?

98656. The book titled “The Unaccustomed Earth” is written by .

98657. . is authored by J B Kriplani

98658. My country My life is written by

98659. Salman Rushdie is the author of

98660. The book titled Second political nonfiction Making India Awesome’ is authored by

98661. Dreaming Big – My Journey to Connect India is written by ..

98662. Amiya Chandra is written the book titled

98663. On My Terms is an autobiography of..

98664. The Poetry 3 Section’ is written by ..

98665. Shashi Tharoor is an author of ..

98666. The book The Indian Struggle’ is authored by

98667. Salaman Rushdie is an author of which of the following book ?

98668. The book ’The Longest August’ is written by ..

98669. Arundhati Roy is an author of which book ?

98670. . written the book The Success Mantras of India’s Top 21 CEOs’

98671. The book titled Partition: The Long Shadow’ is authored by who ?

98672. is authored by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

98673. The book Hunter of Katpadi is written by ..

98674. Yoga for Sports People’ is written by

98675. Ramachandra Guga is an author of which book ?

98676. The book titled Midnight Children’ is written by who ?

98677. Sarah Gerad is an author of .

98678. Another 100 Lyrics of Gulzar is translated by

98679. The book titled The Culcutta Chromosome’ is written by who ?

98680. Anooti Vishal is an author of which book ?

98681. One Day In The Season Of Rain’ is authored by .

98682. . is written by Soumya Bhattacharya

98683. The book titled Nehru Bose: Parallel Lives’ written by who ?

98684. NR Narayan Murthy written the

98685. The Golden Gate’ is written by .

98686. Thomas Piketty written the which of the following book ?

98687. 2014: The Election that changed India’ is written by whom ?

98688. Which book is written by S.Hussain Zaid ?

98689. The book title Forge Your Future’ authored by

98690. Who written the MSD:Dhoni’s Biography’ ?

98691. The Girl On The Train’ is written by whom ?

98692. Jaffrey Archer is an author of which of the following book ?

98693. The book titled The White Tiger’ is written by .

98694. India’s biggest fraud: How the 2G scam unravelled authored by .

98695. The book “ Arise, Awake” is written by whom ?

98696. Amitav Gosh is an author of .

98697. ..  is written by Chetan Mahajan

98698. India and the First world war is written by

98699. Pranab Mukherjee is an author of which book ?

98700. “Empire to Independence” authored by whom ?

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