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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1977

98851. Which of the following books is written by Sunil Gavaskar?

98852. Who among the following is the author of the book Last Man in the Tower?

98853. Which of the following books is written by R.K.Narayan?

98854. Which fo the following books is written by the Classic Russian author Maxim Gorky ?

98855. Who among the following is NOT a well known author of Indian origin?

98856. Who is the Author of the book My China Diary

98857. India and ChinaA Thousand Years of Cultural Relations is the book written by ...........

98858. Who wrote Islam Matha Siddhantha Samgraham?

98859. Which poem of Kumaran Asan portrys the story of Matangi?

98860. Who wrote the book Kristhumatha Chedanam?

98861. Man may be destroyed but he cannot be defeated is the theme of Hemingways novel

98862. The Whisky Priest appears in which novel of Graham Greene?

98863. is one of the very few English novels of E.M. Forster in which Indians see an acceptable picture of themselves.

98864. Which of the following novels of D.H. Lawrence is the most autobiographical ?

98865. In order to know what you do not know / You have to go by a way which is theway of ignorance. These lines are from T.S. Eliots

98866. G. Lytton Strachey is

98867. Shaw was influenced by which of the continental writers?

98868. Name the author of theHound of Heave.

98869. J.M. Synge is - playwright

98870. Which of the following books did Charles Lamb write in collaboration with hissister Mary?

98871. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Which poem of Keats begins with this line?

98872. Which of the following is not written by Lord Byron?

98873. The two great romantic poets behind the creation of Lyrical Ballads are

98874. The main subject of Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience is

98875. Identify the great English novelist living in the age of the Romantics, yet notaffected by the stream of Romanticism.

98876. What is the subtitle of Richardsons Pamela ?

98877. Which of the following is not by Dr. Johnson?

98878. The kingdom of Laputa appears in which novel of Swift?

98879. Name the author of Essay on Criticism

98880. Annus Mirabilis is a work by

98881. രക്തം കട്ടപിടിക്കാന്‍ സഹായിക്കുന്ന ലോഹം ? [Raktham kattapidikkaan‍ sahaayikkunna loham ?]

98882. Miltons -, the fragment of a masque is a fine compliment in verse toDowager Countess of Derby, whose praises Spenser had sung when she was the wife of Lord Strange.

98883. Which critic of Shakespeare wrote the Shakespearean Tragedy ?

98884. Which play of Shakespeare begins with these lines? When shall we three meet again / In thunder lightening or in rain.

98885. Biron is a character in Shakespeares

98886. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them In which play of Shakespeare do these celebrated lines occur?

98887. Which of the following is the narrative poem by Shakespeare noted for its lyricalbeauty?

98888. There is an upstart crow beautiful withour fethers / that with his tygers heart wrapt in a players hide. Who is described by whom in these lines?

98889. wroteA Game of Chess ?

98890. Rabbi Zeal-of-the-Land Busy is the chief character in which of Ben Jonsonsplays?

98891. He bled Seneca white, Who is the he referred to and what is the play?

98892. Name the author of New Atlantis

98893. Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new is from a poem by:

98894. Here again inspiration comes from a classical legend. Shakespeare has recourseto Ovid as Marlowe to Musaeus. What are the works referred to?

98895. Name the author ofThe Shepherds Calendar.

98896. The first English Comedy of the classical school was

98897. Who is almost the only representativeof the interlude school of dramatic writing?

98898. Who wrote the Medieval Stage (2 volumes)

98899. Heres Gods plenty Who said these words about whom?

98900. In The Canterbury Tales, who recites the litany of lugubrious and monotonous tragedies which sadden the Knights good heart and make the innkeeper yawn?

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