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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1993

99651. The Festival Nuankhai observed by which state people ?

99652. ’The 2016 Youth Voters’ Festival held in Which state of India ?

99653. Naropa 2016 festival celebrated in

99654. Which State Tourism government organised Spice Route Culinary Festival ?

99655. Which state will host a three-day bird festival from November 11 to 13, 2016 ?

99656. Abhaneri festival celebrated in which state ?

99657. . is famous for Mohiniyattam

99658. Nandini Goshal is the famous .. dancer

99659. Louis Banks is related to

99660. is the Kuchipudi dancer

99661. Who among the following is the Flautist ?

99662. Alarmel is the .. dancer

99663. . is the famous Sitar player

99664. Karuna Murthi is famous for ..

99665. Who among the following is Veenalist ?

99666. Karaikudi R Mani is famous for

99667. Bismillah Khan often referred to by the honorific title Ustad, He was related to

99668. Asad Ali Khan was an Indian musician who played the ..

99669. Who among the following is the Kathak dancer ?

99670. TN Krishnan is related to

99671. Who among the following is the Kathakali dancer ?

99672. Jhaveri Sisters are talented exponents of the art of .

99673. TR. Mahalingam was .

99674. .. was a famous Sarangi player

99675. Zakir Hussain is .. player

99676. Rukmini Devi was a noted .dancer

99677. Which tribal group is related to J K ?

99678. The tribal group Sema living in which state ?

99679. Oraons related to.

99680. The tribal group Murias living in .

99681. . is tribal group living in Kerala

99682. Kol are an ancient tribal community located throughout the state of

99683. Which tribal group living in Meghalaya ?

99684. The tribal group Lepchas related to

99685. Which tribal group mainly live in dense forest and hilly regions of Madhya Pradesh ?

99686. The Badagas are an indigenous tribal people living in which state ?

99687. The tribal group Gond living in

99688. Which tribal group is famous in Himachal Pradesh?

99689. The tribal group Savara lived in which state ?

99690. . is the tribal group in Tamil Nadu

99691. The tribal group Apatanis is related to

99692. .. is the tribal group in Andaman

99693. Lushai is the tribal group people located in which state ?

99694. .. is the tribal group of  Nagaland

99695. The Uttarakhand tribal group is

99696. The tribal group Toda living in

99697. The Meena is a tribe found mainly in which state ?

99698. ... is the tribal group of Assam

99699. Bhuja is a tribal group of ..

99700. is a tribal group of Meghalaya

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