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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2005

100251. The Teacher's Day is observed every year in India on

100252. Human Rights Day is observed on

100253. World AIDS Day

100254. World Water Day

100255. National Education day

100256. The unemployment assistance scheme introduced in Kerala in the year...........

100257. Real cost of production is the

100258. The price for the services of an entrepreneur in a firm is

100259. Break Even Point arrives where

100260. Under the preview of ESI Act, 1948, ESI Corporation was set up during the year

100261. Which of the following is not part of the taxes levied and collected by the Union but assigned to the states

100262. Each seller determines his price on the assumption that his rival will keep his price constant under ................

100263. Perfect competition is said to prevail when there is a large number of producers producing .............. product.

100264. The formula for measurement of monopoly power is

100265. The curve shows the combinations of two factors, a firm can buy

100266. Who said Law of Diminishing returns applicable especially to agriculture

100267. The shape of Iso-quant curves are ................... to the origin,

100268. TPP refers to

100269. The Constant Elasticity of Substitution (CES) is expressed in the form of

100270. Identify the human factor which influence the economic growth from the list, and choose the correct answer from the correct answer from the codes given below. Research on population control Political stability. Labour productivity. Social attitudes.

100271. The investment strategy for Indian Economic Development formulated by Prof. Mahalanobis was

100272. The Ryotwari Tenure settlement was first made in the year ............... in ................

100273. In which Five Year Plan, the agriculture and irrigation were given top priority

100274. The total outlay of First Five Year Plan was

100275. Agricultural production during 11th Five Year Plan is given below. Match the crops with its production (Average Production in Million Units) : Crop Production a) Rice 1. 325.8 b) Wheat 2. 15.9 c) Pulses 3. 84.4 d) Sugarcane 4. 97.3

100276. Match the following A with B and select the correct response : A B a) National Arbitration Promotion Board 1. 1926 b) Trade Union Act 2. 1969 c) National Commission of Labour 3. 1958 d) The code of Discipline 4. 1967

100277. Identify the benefits which is not part of Maternity Benefits Act 1961 and its amendments

100278. Match the following A with B and select the correct response. A B a) Employee's State Insurance Act 1. 1971 b) Maternity Benefit Act 2. 1972 c) Family Pension Scheme 3. 1948 d) Payment of Gratuity Act 4. 1961 a

100279. Which of the following is not the objective of fiscal policy

100280. Match List I and List II and select the correct answer : List I List II a) Expenditure on defence service 1. Non-development expenditure b) Running of Government Department 2. Developmentexpenditure c) Expenditure on public health 3. Revenueexpenditure d) Expenditure on external affairs 4. Capitalexpenditure

100281. Which one of the following is not under the functions of State Government

100282. The classical theory of public debt assumed

100283. A tax imposed in one person and the real burden is also borne by him is

100284. Which one of the following is not a method of debt redemption

100285. Which authority is responsible for framing the budget of the Union Government

100286. The expenditures incurred out of the proceeds of taxes and other revenue receipts

100287. CRIS stands for

100288. Conside the statements and choose the correct answer. Which of the following taxes is/are levied and collected by union and distributed to states a) Taxes on income other than agricultural income b) Tax on tobacco c) Sales tax d) Corporation tax

100289. Which of the following world body helped India to solve river dispute with Pakistan

100290. In the balance of payment account, the transfer payments are included in which one of the following

100291. Identify the advantages of international trade from the list and choose the correct answer from the codes given below. Dumping Optimum allocation of resources Increase output Develop internal infrastructure

100292. Value of Imports / Value of Exports = ..............

100293. Match the following and select the correct response : a) Extended fund facilities 1. Establish commodity prices b) Structural adjustment facility 2. External shocks c) Buffer stock financing facility 3. Medium term macro economic problem d) Compensatory and contigency financing facilities 4. Long period balance of payment problem

100294. Import of raw material and intermediate goods are called as

100295. Which is not the immediate causes for the creation of New International Economic order

100296. GATT was replaced of

100297. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are created to

100298. A subsidiary money issued by the government is a

100299. In Friedman's Restatement of Quantity theory of money, the supply of money is

100300. "Money, interest and prices" is a moumental work of

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