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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2017

100851. The Govt. of India has raised the amount of the Loan Waiver to the farmers by 20%. Now the amount is nearly

100852. Hugo Chavez whose namewas recently in news is the

100853. Hillary Clinton formallysuspended her campaign toensure election of who amongstthe following for the nextPresident of USA ?

100854. As per the reports publishedin the newspapers a section ofsociety staged a demonstration atthe venue of the G-8 Summitrecently. What was/were theissues towards which thesedemonstrators were trying todraw the attention of G-8 leaders? (i) Food shortage which has taken50 million people in its grip. (ii) Inflation which has gone upsubstantially across the Globe. (iii) USAs consistent presence inIraq.

100855. Inflation in India is measuredon which of the followingindexes/indicators ?

100856. Many times we read aboutFuture Trading in newspapers.What is Future Trading ? (i) It is nothing but a trade betweenany two stock exchanges whereinit is decided topurchase the stocks of each otheron a fixed price throughout theyear.(ii) It is an agreement between twoparties to buy or sell an underlyingasset in the futureat a predetermined price.(iii) It is an agreement betweenstock exchanges that they will nottrade the stocks of eachother under any circumstances infuture or for a given period oftime.

100857. Which of the followingcorrectly describes the conceptof Nuclear Bank floated byInternational Atomic EnergyAgency ? (i) It is a nuclear fuel bank to beshared by all the nations jointly.(ii) It is a facility to help nations inenrichment of uranium.(iii) It is an agency which willkeep a close vigil on the nuclearprogramme of all thenations.

100858. Which of the followinggroups of countries has almost50% share in global emission ofcarbon every year ?

100859. We very frequently readabout Special Economic Zones(SEZs) in newspapers. TheseSEZs were established withwhich of the following objectives? (i) To attract foreign investmentdirectly.(ii) To protect domestic marketfrom direct competition frommultinationals.(iii) To provide more capital toagricultural and allied activities.

100860. As we all know Govt. of Indiacollects tax revenue on variousactivities in the country. Whichof the following is a part of thetax revenue of the Govt. ? (i) Tax on Income(ii) Tax on Expenditure(iii) Tax on Property or CapitalAsset(iv) Tax on Goods and Services

100861. Which of the following is notthe part of the scheduledbanking structure in India ?

100862. Which of the following is notthe part of the structure of theFinancial System in India ?

100863. Which of the following is/aretrue about the Sub-PrimeCrisis ? (i) It is a mortgage crisis referringto credit default by the borrowers. (ii) Sub-Prime borrowers werethose borrowers who were ratedlow and were high riskborrowers. (iii) This crisis originated becauseof negligence in credit rating of theborrowers.

100864. Lot of Banks in India thesedays are offering M-BankingFacility to their customers. Whatis the full form of M in MBanking?

100865. One of the major challengesbanking industry is facing thesedays is money laundering.Which of the followingacts/norms are launched by thebanks to prevent moneylaundering in general ?

100866. Which of the followingstatements(s) is/are True aboutthe exports of China which is aclose competitor of India ? (i)Chinas economic success isbasically on the fact that it exportscheaper goods to richnations like the USA, etc. (ii) In the year 2007 Chinasexports became almost 40% of itsGDP. (iii) When compared to IndiaChinas share in the World Exportsis more than 30%whereas Indias share is mere 6%of the global exports.

100867. The logo of Bank of Barodais known as

100868. The branding line of Bank ofBaroda is

100869. Who is Brand EndorsingPersonality of Bank of Baroda?

100870. Which of the following is theRegulator of the credit ratingagencies in India ?

100871. Which is the first Indiancompany to be listed inNASDAQ ?

100872. What is Call Money ?

100873. FDI refers to

100874. In the term BRIC, R standsfor

100875. Pulse rate below 60 per minute is called:

100876. Capital Market Regulatoris

100877. The IMF and the WorldBank were conceived asinstitutions to

100878. Money Laundering normallyinvolves

100879. Euro Bond is aninstrument

100880. Sub-prime refers to

100881. Currency Swap is aninstrument to manage

100882. The stance of RBI monetarypolicy is

100883. Reverse repo means

100884. In the Capital Market, theterm arbitrage is used withreference to

100885. Fiscal deficit is

100886. An instrument that derives itsvalue from a specifiedunderlying (currency, gold,stocks etc.) is known as

100887. What is an Indian DepositoryReceipt ?

100888. The bank rate means

100889. Open market operations, oneof the measures taken by RBI inorder to control creditexpansionin the economy means

100890. When more than one banksare allowing credit facilities toone party in coordinationwitheach other under a formalarrangement, the arrangement isgenerally known as

100891. RBIs open market operationtransactions are carried out witha view to regulate

100892. Which of the following Awards are given for excellence in the field of Sports?

100893. Which of the following is nota member of the ASEAN ?

100894. Which of the followingschemes is not a socialdevelopment Scheme ?

100895. Which of the following wasthe theme of the Olympic Torch?

100896. Vijay Hazare Trophy is associated with the game of

100897. Which of the following names is not closely associated with space programme of India or any other country ?

100898. India and Nepal have manyagreements on sharing of thewater of various rivers. Which ofthe following rivers is notcovered under these agreements?

100899. Which of the followingcountries has allocated a hugeamount of US $ 10 billion toprovide relief to its earthquakevictims ?

100900. The World HealthOrganisation has urged thatadvertisements of which of thefollowing should be banned toprotect youth from bad effects ofthe same ?

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