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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2019

100951. What is the technique of long term planning for proposed capital outlays and their financing ?

100952. What is the median of the following data? 23,32,24,35,36,37,27

100953. Where there is no provision in the partnership Deed regarding the dissolution of partnership, the firm is known as .......

100954. .......... refers to highly educated and skilled people who migrate from poor developing countries to wealthy industrial countries.

100955. The main strategy adopted in the new economic policy of 1991 is .........

100956. Drain of wealth theory was propounded by:

100957. Kirit Parikh Committee was set up to review

100958. The relationship between mean, median and mode for a moderately skew distribution is

100959. Five-Year Plan in India is finally approved by

100960. Which is the Bankers Bank?

100961. Temporary tax levied to obtain revenue is called :

100962. Which organisation is popularly called the World Bank?

100963. The basic regulatory authority for mutual fund and stock markets:

100964. Which statement proves the arithmetical accuracy of ledger accounts?

100965. Discount columns appear in

100966. is the first process of management.

100967. A slip attached to a cheque for endorsement is known as .

100968. Which of the following tax is not a subject of a local self government?

100969. An audit conducted by the officials within the organisation is audit.

100970. Which of the following is a fictitious asset?

100971. When a cheque is put into circulation for more than six months, it is called cheque.

100972. All Co-operative Societies accepting deposits will have to maintain

100973. When a loan is advanced on the basis of immovable property, it is called

100974. Which sector contributes major share to India's GDP?

100975. When there is one buyer and many sellers in a market-what is this situation called?

100976. Which is not a source of direct tax?

100977. Money is what money does. Whose definition is this ?

100978. Who among the following is considered as the Father of Economics?

100979. How many languages are printed on an Indian currency note ?

100980. The cause of Inflation is :

100981. Socialist pattern in Indian economy comes through :

100982. Name the most significant charateristic of National Integration :

100983. sector has established itself as the biggest contributor to the State's GDP as per Kerala State's Economic Review ( February 2011)

100984. Economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is :

100985. Which nation is the highest defaulter in payment of its dues to the UN as on 1 -4 - 1999

100986. Moving average method of fitting trend in a time series data removes the effect of

100987. Dhyan Chand was associated with?

100988. Local control in experimental designs is meant to

100989. Replication in an experiment means

100990. Control chart consists of

100991. Which index satisfies factor reversal test?

100992. The sales of a departmental store on Dushera and Diwali are associated with the component of a time series

100993. Given r 12 =0.6, r13 =0.5 and r23=0.8, the value of r12.3 is

100994. Given the regression lines X+2Y-5=0, 2X+3Y-8=0 and Var(X)=12, the value of Var(Y) is

100995. A measure of linear association of a variable with a number of other variables is known as

100996. The hypothesis for a specific known value of pcan be tested by

100997. The range of simple correlation coefficient is

100998. If pis the simple correlation coefficient, the quantity p2 is known as

100999. If a constant 50 is subtracted from each of the value of X and Y, the regression coefficient is

101000. The lines of regression intersect at the point

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